Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 Preview W/English Subs

We have two different versions of the preview for next week again. In one, it looks like we’re going to finally have some sweet moments between Wang So and Hae Soo. Woot! But in another version, Wang So is following the new Crown Prince’s wishes and marrying his daughter…who looks about 6? (LMAO and ICK) Yes, this happened in the true history so I’m trying to to be too bothered. Wang Wook continues his travels to the dark side, berating the Crown Prince for not abdicating and letting HIM have the thrown. *eyeroll* And just when it seems as if things are calming down, Wang Yo (who we all thought was dead at the end of today’s episode) shows up to exact revenge for his failed treason plot, with a super slick new hairdo looking like Jafar from “Aladdin”. These bros just can’t seem to get it together. Enjoy!


Episode 14 Video Preview Translation:

WS: Are you trying to make me give up?

WS: Or do you just want me to look only at you?

WS: If you aren’t going to come to me, don’t let me hope.

HS: What were the words you said were important, but forgot it?

WS: I (love?) you.

WW: Now, you should hold hands with me/submit to me.

WW: There was no other way to protect you and our household but to become a traitor.

Queen: Is it because of Hae Soo?

Evil Queen: A manisfestation?

WY: A successful plot of treason isn’t a plot of treason.

WY: Find (*something*). Quickly!



Full Credit: Subs by @snowglobe147 @Soompi, kiss gif by @angelangie, DCInside, Video Uploaders


  • B4l01 says:

    Seriously? a 6 years old wife? Lol. Yeah yeah I know it’s possible during those times. But I thought it’s between 2 youngsters not a 6 year old girl to a grown up man.

    • tessieroo says:

      I could be wrong, I have no clue. How old does that little girl look to you? (LOL) I think this was the Crown Prince’s way of securing her safety (maybe?) since the only person he trusts is Wang So.

      • B4l01 says:

        Yeah, she seems to be 6 years old . I was intrigued of their age gap so I google the marrying age during Korea’s old era. *Lol* And yes, they adapted Chinese custom, the child brides, when 6 to 7 years old girl were given off to marriage. And the age difference between a bride and a groom could be more than 30 years. Ugh!

        Watching Moon Lovers brought me to a new level. LOL

  • Teleri says:

    Wang So did marry a niece/daughter/whatever of the Crown Prince ie 1st king after Taejo. He also married his half-sister (evil spawn of Hades) = Wook’s sister. Eyeliner prince was the SECOND King after Taejo, BTW…Just saying.

    • tessieroo says:

      Great, so we have to go through eyeliner Jafar-wanna-be Prince before we get to Wang So. LOVELY, I’m so excited. *crickets*

      Thanks for the info! 😀

  • Scarlett says:

    wait, do they actually get married its seems that the crown prince, dies so… maybe his wishes dont come true, also i saw that that era you can “divorced” since 1st wife of Wook told him that when she was sick etc maybe he does get married but divorced after… just because she is a kid -__-

    • tessieroo says:

      In the real history, he did marry the Crown Prince’s daughter but they had no children:

      Princess Gyeonghwagung (경화궁부인), daughter of Hyejong of Goryeo and Queen Uihye (의화왕후)

      He did end up having 5 children with his 1/2 sister. O___O

      ROFLMAO, I just can’t when I read these history snippets.

  • chrissydiva says:

    LOL Su, no need to be angsting over a baby. You need to save that for Yeonwha . Like WTF? If they can change the part where one of Taejo concubine become Eun’s wife in this drama, they could have done without this crap, I am already picturing LJK’s face as he saw the script. Like Scarlett says, hopefully the CP dies before anything come to fruition. Or So should just tell him to screw off like he did to Taejo when he was trying to send him back again lol

  • genie says:

    can’t get over how pretty IU is omg, her skin’s like so milky and so fair 0__O

  • Jen says:

    I like the 1st version of the preview. Can the whole episode 14 be about them? *dreams*

  • Heraa Nasim says:

    I read the whole history of Taejo and the line of kings. Wang So would become king after Wang Yo who only reigned for a year.
    I love how we are all agonising over Wang So’s marriage to Yeon Hwa and the child and hoping they changed the history in the drama but the fact is I am pretty sure the real Wang So wasn’t even a bit close to as handsome as Lee Jun Ki is and we can’t imagine him doing all this but in reality it did 😀

  • omiki says:

    It doesn’t matter who So marries, as long as his heart is with Hae Soo. Marrying the little girl doesn’t mean he has to consummate the marriage with her. Although in history, he did have children with Yeon Hwa ….

  • Adal says:

    Lordy! Imagine grown up version of that little girl not being able to have a proper marriage or relationship because she married her half uncle at the age of six. Those days life was really rough on women.

  • Rosee70 says:

    I am loving the realistic progression of Hae Soo’s feelings towards WS from the beginning of this drama until now. He started by being a horrid man,always threatening her. Then he began light conversations and listening to her words. After that, he showed more smiles and even saved her repeatedly. His trust in her shakes her despite her fears. Having known the pain of betrayal by her bf, she is obsessed with loyalty towards love. And that was why she clung to WW even when he disappointed her a couple of times. So glad she knows now that WW’s love is shallow, with little trust in her.

  • MamaQueSama says:

    His half sister had children he acknowledged as his, but she could’ve had a different baby daddy.

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