“Drinking Solo” Episode 11 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 5


My goodnes, the seafood at the beginning of episode 9 made my mouth water. I am so jealous of Ha Seok Jin. He must be in heaven filming this drama if the food tastes even as half as good as it looks.

What I’ve noticed about most dramas is that I really enjoy episodes 3-10 then start losing interest. It’s not quite the same here because this is the only show I’m currently watching that makes me laugh out loud but we’ve gotten to the draggy bits where the show tries to extend the plot to fill sixteen hours. Or at least, that’s the only explanation I can come up with for reverting Jung Suk to a Grade A asshole.

How many freaking times did this guy talk about how he’s on a much higher level than Ha Na this week? And how many times did he say it in her presence to make her feel bad about herself? I commend him for being the best in his field but you’d think he’d won 15 Nobel Prizes with the way he carries on.

Yes, he did dump a drunk woman on a bridge in the middle of the night. He knew it was wrong and he didn’t even go back to get her. Come on, Writer! I know it is realistic but it’s a drama so you’ve got to make your leading man a lot more considerate than this!

He goes on and on about how Ha Na should know better than to be interested in someone of his caliber but it doesn’t work out when he goes out with such a woman because he can’t stop thinking about Ha Na. Is that supposed to make us root for their love? He’s still a condescending asshole!  Who else loved seeing that woman lash out at him? And when will Ha Na do the same? And now, he’s had his light bulb moment. Too bad it wasn’t as cute as Cher’s in Clueless because he kept yapping on about quality. Or is it supposed to be Darcy-esque? Or like that My Lovely Sam Soon moment in the men’s restroom? Hell, I didn’t love Jin Hun but that scene made me swoon. I kept comparing it to other confessions but it always came up short. Why? Because this fool is unreasonably pompous. I can’t with him anymore.

The only problem now is that with only six episodes left, his suffering will be inadequate.

In the meantime, Ha Na has still not grown. This drama is really funny and entertaining but the character development is really lacking. Ha Na hasn’t improved as an instructor nor have we really seen any change in her character. When will this happen?

I was glad when she was stern with Gong Myung, though. He obviously wasn’t taking his studies seriously and I can’t believe he thought she’d enjoy seeing a heart shape drawn on the scantron sheet.

It was great for him because this made him buckle up and recruit Chae Yeon to tutor him.

But I also kinda feel bad for him. He is being used to give Chae Yeon much needed character development but I think he will end this drama drinking solo. Well, he’ll still have his friends but I doubt he’d ever develop feelings for her and she and Ki Bum might have an open ending.

As for Chae Yeon, I can’t blame her for following in my footsteps and falling for Gong Myung’s adorableness.  I wonder if this is supposed to give her perspective on how all the men she’s rejected feel. Not that I think that she needs to be taught a lesson because she’s well within her rights to be uninterested in those bozos who like her for her looks.

While entertaining as always, there wasn’t much going on with Ki Bum and Dong Young this week. Dong Young passed the practice test while Ki Bum failed but majority of their time was devoted to proving that Ki Bum has feelings for Chae Yeon, something we’ve known since the beginning.

I saved the best for the last  – Prof Min. I love how they’ve peeled the layers of this character and we now understand what lies underneath all those impressions. I hated that he missed his mother’s last breath but a son as devoted as he is really should have no regrets. My favorite moment this week was the one he shared with his boss at the funeral. When push came to shove, Chief Kim came through for him and ensured that he wouldn’t spend the night alone. I love him! And he should set him up with his sister-in-law. LOL

Arrogant Jung Suk is still arrogant, thinking it’ll be easy to get Ha Na to fall into his arms. Yes, he already knows she’s into him but still.

And now that Gong Myung is going all in, he’s not even paying attention as he crosses the street. I hope you’re okay, Cutie Patooty.

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  • Teleri says:

    Another stupid girl. OMG it just irritates me. She’d be MUCH better off taking up cute brother’s offer – ie actually, really DATING him once he passes that exam! He’s got much more potential as a great match than that horrific, egotistical, damaged brother of his!

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