On The Way To The Airport Episode 7 Preview W/English Subs

Things continue to get more intense with this drama, next week we have a incredibly passionate kiss between Do Woo and Soo Ah. So much for the “3 No’s” rules Soo Ah made up. *kekeke* It’s hard not to root for this couple even though they’re both married to other people but it does leave a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth – I was truly hoping they would end their marriages before beginning anything but that’s not happening. In this preview, it looks like Soo Ah’s supposed BFF Mi Jin tells Jerk Pilot about her suspicions regarding Soo Ah being attracted to Do Woo…and what kinda BFF does that? Me thinks she wants Jerk Pilot back for herself. Did Jin Suk marry Soo Ah because she got pregnant and dump then-girlfriend Mi Jin? And can we please get more hints as to what wife Hye Won is up to? UGH, more questions. Can’t wait for next week!

English Subtitles (with 1 line missing Line added) –

Soo Ah: I wish nothing would change, and I hope you stay the same too, Do Woo
Do Woo: Please don’t feel too scared about it, aren’t we in a 3-No relationship?
Hye Won: Were you the one who shouted “Hyoeun’s Mum” just now, right?
Do Woo: Did you marry out of love, Soo Ah?
Mi Jin: You haven’t met Seo Do Woo right? He’s so handsome. Even a person like Choi Soo Ah will fall for him.
Do Woo: Please don’t forget this moment…


Credit: Partial Subs: @bubblechoco @Soompi Video: Uploader

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  • DramaMama says:

    This is episode made me feel so much, I used to feel bad that an affair was starting but honestly I don’t care anymore.

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