Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15 Preview W/English Subs

Today’s episode was sweet but a bit disturbing. We did see Wang So promise to marry the Crown Prince’s daughter in order to protect her and save her from being sent to Kitan to live as a hostage – the very same thing that happened to Wang So as a child. Wook tries to manipulate the Crown Prince into abdicating and leaving the throne to him (UGH) and Wang Yo finally makes his entrance. I think we all know who poisoned the Crown Prince’s bath but I can’t figure out why she would do that! Can we just focus on that kiss for a moment? *heh* Rawrrrr, Lee Joon Gi.

Tomorrows preview looks incredibly sad for those who are huge fans of Prince #10 and his spunky, spirited wife. It’s going to be hard to watch so everyone bring tissues. Enjoy!


Full Credit: @4seasonswithIU Twitter, @IUmushimushi Twitter


  • Kittycat says:

    I guessed I’m a bit dissapointed right now… how come they only give half time of 14th ep for hae soo to build her feeling toward 4th ?? While we have almost all ep for 4th to build his feeling. Its somehow made me feeling “I didn’t buy it” its not even at the same level of deeper feeling from both of them… poor wang so, you (or we) don’t have chance to watch hae soo feeling moving to deeper affection and devotion like what you have been showed us..

  • juliesean says:

    There is a time skip of 2 years but their relationship didn’t progress much. I wish they had focused one full episode on their progress. Are they implying that for 2 years, HS and Soo played the push and pull gam and only became a couple in this episode?

    CR is the one who poisoned the king. In the c version, she was saved by 8th and so she became his spy. I think it’s the same here.

    • Kittycat says:

      Yeah… that’s would be lovely, 1 episode just dedicated for them and you can messed up afterward … in c version.. aren’t yu tan was once 9th maid instead of 8th??

  • B4l01 says:

    I believe CR poisoned the king’s bath upon Wook’s instruction. That’s his purpose for bringing CR in Damiwon. She’s his maid who just follows her master’s order after all. What I don’t get is why Yo is after the 10th prince when he’s not a threat to him. He’s just quietly living with his wife. History says Yo would reign for 4 years. I wonder what will happen to So and Hae Soo then.

  • juliesean says:

    I believe Yo was afraid 10th prince’s grandfather would lead a revolt and make him the king. I read that in soompi.

    Everyone is up in arms over HS’s distrust of Soo, thereby indirectly causing the deaths of 10th and his wife. Others felt that HS was trying to “save” Soo from killing his brother, knowing that Yo is using her to manipulate Soo.

    Finally….Soo resolved to be the King in order to save the ones he loves. Same as C version.

    Somehow in this korean version, I don’t feel the love HS has for Soo, unlike the C version. So the “epic” love story is just not there. Or is it because of IU’s inadequate acting? Sigh!!! What it could have been. Such a great potential for a great sageuk with fantastic material but we are let down by the writing, the editing, the directing and some of the cast. Don’t throw stones at me, IU has improved in acting but just not the same level as LJK. If it were a better actress, we would have been swept away by their love story.

    • Jen says:

      I have no issues with IU acting as Hae So.
      It’s the script. Not the actress. 😕
      We have seen how devoted Wang So is for Hae So but she kept rejecting him. *rolls eyes*
      They promised “epic love story” and yet so little episode of it.

      It has more annoying puppy love between Hae So and Wook then focus on the epicness of Hae So and So.

      So again, it’s the script. Not IU.

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