Couch Kimchi at 6! A recall from 2010 to 2016

SIX YEARS! Couch Kimchi is still here.

It feels good to be greeting you all yearly with nothing but a grateful heart. It is surreal to celebrate another year of blogging. I share this happiness with the indefatigable CK ladies — Angie, Clock, Tess and Rinchan. On behalf of us here, let me say THANK YOU for the support and love!

What has happened in CK for six years? It’s been a never ending journey of changes and growth. The best part is, we are still together! We will continue writing and improving for our readers. Expect nothing less but more rants and raves from us!

I will start this simple celebration by sharing 6 of my favourite Korean dramas that I had reviewed. Anticipate what my fellow CK ladies will share for you in the coming days! October is a month to celebrate with us.

As I look back at my first published posts, I can’t help but notice grammatical errors. What a mess! LOL. Now that I have improved a little, I wouldn’t dare change or edit because my heart was the content. What you read were the exact words that I’m feeling the moment I was writing. I wouldn’t ever dare change the mistakes that I see now. Whenever I read back, I can feel every word and the emotional meaning behind it. I can still smile and reread it after many years! I’m content and it makes me happy. I hope our readers feels the same.

Join me as I reminisce the reasons why I can’t seem to stop loving to write for Couch Kimchi. Click the year and back read, if you must.


Coffee House (2010):

“One minute is longer than 10 years – Lee Jin Soo”

We won’t exist without having to watch this rare gem! It’s not a drama for everyone, but for the CK ladies and I, this was the one thing that fettered us. The CK ladies have their own perspective and personal favourites. But Coffee House will always be what we have in common.

Personally, this K-drama was a turning point. I was no longer simply a drama watcher – I became an observer immersed in the story. It’s one thing to watch and just allow yourself to be crazy enjoying the drama as is. But its different when the characters capture your attention — every detail becomes significant. From the colour palette, to the split screen, props, camera angle, emotional acting, I can go on and on! Coffee House was a masterpiece. Not everyone have the eye to appreciate it – but the CK ladies did.

49 Days (2011)

I can still feel my love for dearest Kang-ah (Jo Hyun Jae). This drama came just in time were I almost lost hope of what K-drama to watch & recap. Heh. Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo were a stand-out as well. This is one of the K-dramas that I enjoyed recapping. I was able to enhance my screen-cap skills thanks to Jo Hyun Jae! I just can’t help myself to capture every moment with him and Lee Yo Won. I love their on-screen chemistry! It had the power to move me.

The story was compelling, that goes beyond to preach. This is where love and logic meets. As a writer, I’ve learned more about this through 49 Days. Once in a while, I still read this recap to remind me of life in general. And just a side note, I’ve finally found my voice as a writer through this K-drama.

Answer Me / Reply Series: 1997, 1994, 1988

A line indicates a limit saying: that’s as far as you get. Protecting a line is remaining in that comfortable space you are used to and maintain those rules, that world, those relationship. Not crossing the line also means that you will never see a new world with new rules and relationships. If you dream of a new relationship, if you dream of love — you have to cross that line. – Reply 1988

PD Shin has mastered the art of breaking my heart. He was able to do it, not just once, but TWICE! I’m on a verge of being strike out. Please be good to my heart next time, PD Shin. That aside, PD Shin curates a story that directly hits the heart. If there is a central premise in the Reply franchise, it is the family. The parents, Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa in particular, are the main core why each daughter in every series have a heart unlike any other we’ll ever see.

The franchise success was unexpected. It’s rare to continue doing a concept that only gets better every time. I know most would disagree on this – to each his own. But for me, I only have love and respect for PD Shin and Lee writer-nim. It was a hard pill to swallow my own “wants” just to make way for their story to unfold. It was never my story to tell. But as a viewer, I simply opened up my heart to newer possibilities. I’ve never cried watching a series the way that I did for Reply (Answer Me). Love is universal. It will always be wonderful to experience the variety of joy and pain it brings. And this will remain the reason why I will still yearn for the next one.

Master’s Sun (2013)

Discovering So Ji Sub is the best thing why this drama is on my list. Add to that, it is still my favourite Hong Sisters Korean drama. The chemistry between Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin has a magnetic pull that made every touch scene such a delight to witness.

It was truly a breeze to write my recaps for this. I didn’t even struggle with words because it naturally flowed. Honestly, I was even surprised to read my thoughts. Where did those realisation came from? LOL. I must have fallen deeply in love. Though I was struggling with the “horror-ish” theme, the characters helped me overcome it. I mean, Seo In Guk was the bodyguard! I felt safe. I am thankful to my readers because this is one of my recaps that had great response coming from them, for obvious reasons. Master’s Sun is one of those K-drama that can be enjoyed from start to finish. Promise, this is worth 16 hours of your time! Besides, So Ji Sub’s charm is hard to resist.

Angel Eyes (2014)

Angel Eyes is a drama that just cannot be watched with the head but with the heart. I did not act because I understood, but I acted because I felt it. – Lee Sang Yoon

Lee Sang Yoon and Ku Hye Sun is among my favourite OTP to date. The chemistry is palpable, it was almost real. I wouldn’t even doubt it, because the actors gave sincerity for their roles. What a professional! *bows*

I usually steer clear of melodrama themed romance. But even if Angel Eyes was framed with this concept, I was lured in and I wasn’t able to get out! It was a joy to share my thoughts for this because I fell in love with the story. Even though it was familiar, the execution here left me in awe. Kang Ha Neul was a great discovery too. But I have to give most credit to Lee Sang Yoon. I have never seen an actor cry so beautifully the way he did. Even with that, he managed to bring me to where his heart is, and I cried along with him.

Everything was a wonderful experience. My heart was cleansed watching this.

Oh Hae Young Again (2016)

In my heart of hearts, this is the one to beat. Or should I say, irreplaceable?

Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin made this K-drama memorable. Apart from the intense chemistry, it was the overall ambiance that made writing weekly such a delight for me. I have never clamoured for Monday and Tuesday to come faster, just to satisfy my cravings for new episodes. It was a crazy ride, but worth it nonetheless. My heart was 100% satisfied.

The wonderful mix of fun and heart is evident, that’s why audience loved to sacrifice watching during the wee hours of the night. My enthusiasm to analyse and enjoy the love story was written all over my recap. I was writing with no holds barred. Apart from that, I love the cinematography! I had a hard time choosing the best from the best. I swear, every shot is worthy to be framed. It was such an amazing experience to feel that as a viewer I am part of the scene. It felt like I was standing from a distance witnessing a wonderful relationship right before my eyes. This brought a refreshing level of K-drama experience.

Honestly, I still have this drama on repeat until now. I’m crazy like that.


I watch not only to be entertained but most importantly, to learn. The opportunity of knowing what I can learn, inspires me to write. A combination of amazing writers, talented directors, and passionate actors showing great chemistry is truly a gem. When a story have those elements, it sticks to your heart and makes watching a series and writing about it, a time well spent.

Together with my fellow CK ladies, we welcome another amazing year of non-stop binge watching and reviews of Asian dramas. Everyone, continue to join us! Let’s all share the passion of doing what we love most.

See you all around! ❤️


  • t says:

    Congrats on 6 years! I’ve seen all the dramas you highlighted and have to agree they are wonderful (although the WRITERS even said that Reply 1994 got the plot derailed because of that viewer poll – NOT an ‘opinion’ by disappointed shippers there but a fact)
    I hear they are doing another Reply – I’m very much looking forward to that!
    Coffee House – that really was an eye-opening drama for me – a drama where things didn’t go according to trope 😀

  • Gem says:

    Congrats, here’s to 6 years of your journey. Here’s hoping for many more exciting years to come.

  • Keike says:

    HAPPY 6 YEARS 😄😁😊!!! I have been following you ladies for many years now & it always brings me joy to open my email and see what new KDramas are worth watching. I too loved Master’s Sun & was always happy when you guys did recaps on that show aha. I love to read your thoughts and opinions about everything even the littlest details we viewers might have missed. I’m very proud of you ladies and what you guys have built and accomplished with this blog over the years. We readers will continue to support Couch Kimchi and be with you all watching all the latest KDramas together 😉. Congrats and to another 6 years & more 💙

  • Mariem says:

    Happy 6 years. It is a joy reading your recaps even if this is the first time writing a comment. Thank you and keep the hard work 😉

  • bmore says:

    Congratulations! While I am not as faithful a follower as I was in the past (life got in the way), I am ‘working my way back to you babes’. Love what you do…really. Not just the recaps, but all the lovely lovely pics you post too!!

  • Ani Lee says:

    Congratulations & happy birthday CK! So glad I found your blog! Thank you for bringing some Kdreams into my life! 🙂

  • tee says:

    Happy 6 years celebration, wishing you many more years ahead and thanks for the wonderful drama preview more grease to your elbow , to all of you at ck.

  • SOSsy says:

    Congratulations! Six years of blogging regularly is no mean feat! Well done ladies!

  • OchaNokcha says:

    Congrats! And thank you very much for the topnotch articles … It is a real pleasure to read you.

  • Beez says:

    I haven’t read this entire post yet. I want to take my time and go through the various dramas and see what I’ve already seen, and what I might want to add to my list based on your thoughts.

    But I wanted to say “I appreciate Couch Kimchi!”

  • Indigo says:

    Happy 6th, you guys!

    I can’t even remember when I first came upon your blog because it has became such a natural part of the K-drama community that it feels Couch Kimchi has been here forever. I’m glad you guys are still working hard on the blog and I hope you’ll continue on with the same kind of passion and dedication you’ve had so far 🙂

    Also, still love you guys for loving Coffee House. Such an underrated show, so I’m always happy when people mention it in a positive context.

  • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

    guise, THANK YOU for the messages!! ❤️

    – CK ladies

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