“Drinking Solo” Episode 13 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 6


I don’t have much to say because I don’t want to repeat myself but what I will say is that I’m now treating this show as a sitcom… you know, a show with lovable characters put in different situations with very little character development. I’ll enjoy it for the comedy but not expect any depth or well-written arcs.

It was a huge mistake to regress Jung Suk. He was horrible in the first week but he slowly improved and by the episode he helped Ha Na’s internet show, I was low-key looking forward to their love line. But because they have no real planned growth arc for him, he regressed and became a huge jerk so that we could get his sob story. Well, whatever. A betrayal from a sunbae can cause someone to become closed off and distrustful but it doesn’t explain his awful, condescending personality. He still has no excuse for being a grade-A asshole.

Park Ha Na hasn’t grown at all. Her class size is still the same, she’s still a people-pleaser and she’s yet to accomplish anything on her own. I liked that she got to tell Jung Suk off but her week primarily consisted of loving herself enough to decide against being with someone who treated her like trash then changing her mind when she “understood” him. Whatever to you too. We got a flashback of Jung Suk learning the hard way that his colleagues were not his friends and reacting to it (even if it made him a jerk) but Ha Na’s lesson was less about her career and more about advancing the romance plot. She actually had no hand whatsoever in keeping her special class. Her boss gave it to her, her hater almost got it cancelled while her crushed saved it. Writer, you can do better.

Last week ended with Jung Suk’s confession but instead of seeing the fallout from it, the next episode was devoted to showing us that Gong Myung is too childish for Ha Na.

Another head-scratching decision is taking a detour from developing Ki Bum and Chae Yeon’s romance for this unrequited love triangle. I thought the scene of Chae Yeon comforting a crying Ki Bum signaled a change in their relationship but instead, they continue to bicker like siblings while she’s developed a crush on his best friend. I suppose she’ll suddenly realize that she likes him when she learns that he’d spent a fortune on her birthday dinner, right? As much as I like Ki Bum, I’ve begun to root against his romance because it’s just another story of a guy being rude to the girl he likes, which we already got from the OTP. They should have done something different with them.

The biggest victim of no character development is Jin Yi, whose entire storyline revolves around an unseen boyfriend who doesn’t love her. The least they could have done was throw in a twist like maybe she’d been mistaken and he does want to marry her. At least then, it wouldn’t be something that had been telegraphed several episodes ago.

And oddly enough, the best written and most realized character remains Min Jin Woong, whose story of loneliness and devotion to his mother is the most touching in this drama. And I’m glad that his boss, Kim Won Hae, is along for the ride because their scenes have become my favorite.

Not to say that I didn’t enjoy this week’s episodes because I did. I laughed at Dong Young’s love triangle commentary and enjoyed Jo Kwon’s cameo, but even that was the same ol’, same ol’… you know, the usual unmotivated student.

Next week brings us Ha Na and Jung Suk dating. I guess he’ll always go on and on about quality and he’s still pompous and thinks he’s a celebrity. A newly single Jin Yi will let lose and Gong Myung will finally learn of his crush’s relationship with his brother. It’s about time he learns the truth and starts getting over her.

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  • samara says:

    I’m glad I stopped watching it after the frustrating ep10.
    So basically he mistreats her for 10 whole episodes and she gets back at him for only one episode then date him????
    How is that even fair.
    Sorry but the whole superior jerk male lead isn’t working for me anymore.
    And I hate Ha Na for choosing him over the sweet and much more mature younger brother.

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