The K2 Episode 7 Preview W/English Subs

Finally! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this preview but it’s here. I’m going to guess this drama is already in live-shooting mode which makes me feel even sorrier to Ji Chang Wook and leaves me praying everyone stays healthy. I’ll also add Song Yoon Ah is playing the HELL out of her character, even if she’s an evil wench. (LOL) I get chills when she’s on the screen, her soothing, somewhat sexy voice makes all her evil plans much more exciting to listen to.

In this preview, Je Ha is frantic to get Anna to a doctor or hospital. And it looks like we have another confrontation between the ladies, with Yoo Jin trying to convince Anna she alone is responsible for her Mother’s death and Anna biting back with the fact that Se Joon doesn’t love her. Maybe instead of barbs, they should just pull each others hair out, the hatred is real! The last scene appears to be Se Joon showing up at Anna’s bedside but there is a tiny part of me that thinks Anna is dreaming and it’s really Je Ha. We’ll see, I can’t wait for Friday. Enjoy!

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  • leia says:

    is she hugging je ha?

  • Gem says:

    Yoo Jin is the Devil in flesh. I don’t blame Anna, making her pay for the mistakes her parents made for such a long time and in such a cruel manner, she needs to rot in hell. But I think Anna needs to make both Yoo Jin and Se Joon pay for what they did to her. Just destroy it all girl, every thing they have build together at your expense, just destroy it all from its foundation and watch it all crumble and go live your life.

  • XX Dream come trueeee says:

    I love this drama . Best action drama 2016

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