On The Way To The Airport Episode 9 Preview W/English Subs

Wow, that kiss…breathtaking! But these two have very clearly crossed a line so what happens now? In today’s episode, Do Woo told Soo Ah to lie (LOL) but I don’t believe that will solve anything! It also feels as if we’re finally getting somewhere in uncovering all the secrets Hye Won has been hiding regarding Annie – my heart breaks more for that poor child than anyone. *sniff* What on earth was going on with her? Hye Won finally agrees to explain everything to Do Woo but she’s done this before and lied, will she lie again? What horrible thing does she end up telling him that has him so distraught at the end of this preview? UGH, it’s a long wait until next Wednesday. Enjoy!

English Subs:
Dowoo: How can our family stay carefree like we did before?
Mijin: Choi Sooah & Seo Dowoo…how did they get connected? This is unbelievable
Dowoo: If that kid (Annie) has something she wants to protect, then what is it?
Hyewon: I’ll explain everything to you
Dowoo: I won’t say I’ve seen you
Dowoo: It’s not because of someone. This is our problem.

Full Credits: English subs by @bubblechoco @Soompi, Video Uploader


  • leila108 says:

    IMO, no other actor can cry as handsome as Lee Sang Yoon while maintaining the right punch of emotions. Im still in awe of this man.

  • MAYA says:

    I am hoping for a divorce …between DW & HW… I hope I am not cruel
    Btw… I am glad Marie left Annie’s stuff in DW’s car…I hope he gets some revelation there

    No matter what… I am practically
    1) ‘scared’ of Hae Won….(boosowayo)…she left her new born baby ! Omo…
    2) irritated with that stewardess who minds everybody’s business except hers
    3) enlightened that DW & SA shared a moment…especially enjoying the view & collecting Madam Go’s memorabilia together;
    4) satiated by SA’s decision to quit and start making decisions for her self
    5) happy with Hyun Woo’s acceptance of the WooAh couple

    • MAYA says:

      P/s …. Also, i think Captain Park is still very much in love with Min Ji

    • asdf says:

      may i add 6) annoyed at hyun joon, SA’s daughter, for being too much of a brat this week? i may be cruel too.

      pre teens are definitely hard and i get that shes been feeling neglected and she’s a result of being pushed and pulled by her parents, but boy does the actress’s shriek hurt my ears and there’s no subtlety with this one. or maybe i just really miss Annie, the girl wise beyond her years and so sweet and kind.

      my vote is always more LSY in my episodes, that is all

  • asdf says:

    ps i dont think captain park is in ‘love’ with mi jin but just that he really doesn’t want to be married or tied down anymore. he’s a selfish and insecure guy, and doesnt care about his responsibilities as a family man. he has a kindred spirit with mi jin who’s carefree and the opposite of what he has now. but yea im surprised SA doesnt know anything about this and its hypocritical of her mi jin to judge. also shes a bad friend cause she knows bad captain park is bad and doesnt say anythong, nor did she tell her that they dated seriously, even more she sees her friend emotionally detached and ‘dried up’ as she said by this marriage, and she’s not supportive at all. ugh, it doesnt seem like anyone is in SA’s corner and i’m sad to see that

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