Thoughts: Moon Lovers Episode 16 preview stills

It is going down this week…err…at least I hope. There is no argument last week was a tear jerker, after Wang Eun was framed for treason, however this week’s preview provides that although we are not necessarily out of the woods, things are about change politically, and pick up romantically as well.

In the preview we saw the blood thirsty usurper Yo having way too much fun with that bow and arrow. With it he shoots Eun through the chest. At the behest of Eun, So deals the final blow, presumably based on stills and articles. The question is are both Soon Duk and Eun really dead? It is not the first time So has used restraint and was only perceived to give a lethal strike, a mercy totally lost on Yo, an undeserving recipient. Based solely  off the preview, things seem pretty set in stone, but in the original drama Eun and Soon Duk’s counterparts expected to have a baby, and there are social media postings that suggest Soon Duk would too become pregnant, lending further support to the hope that they will live.

I am not 100% certain if this is trolling, but I hope this is true. Last week was an eye opening moment for most of us, especially Soon Duk. We were able to see Eun show some maturity and character growth where as Soon Duk probably got a hands on, but well over due sex ed lesson LOL.

If we’re lucky Eun and Soon Duk will survive and we will witness a doting Eun bond with Soon Duk over that baby bump.

Speaking of which, can we expect some baby news coming So and Soo’s way? In the preview we witness So save Soo from Yo’s arrow, and later receives treatment from Soo that night. Based off stills it is plausible to conclude things escalated that night and well,…is it just me or is everyone getting laid at the Damiwon? It is also possible things stopped at kissing and they just played shadow puppets for the rest of the night. Heck, So might even spend two nights there, night 1: shadow puppets, night 2: vigorous adult activity LOL. Regardless of what happens, I don’t doubt the scene will be sweet, with even more sweetness to come as the couple grows gets closer. I am really hoping to see the growth of their love and how their relationship deepens, because relative to how they showed her initial romance with Wook, her romance with So has been treated too briskly. Most of this in part, is due to all the time skips, which serves to help propel us through a  storyline that is already on its third king, but bereft us of moments that stand to be consequential to the development of the loveline and the characters’ development. For example before King Taejo died, Soo was understandably distant from So, but after the time skip she has clearly warmed up to him to the point where she is initiating the kisses and anticipating his confession of love, which is clearly the result of a process I wanted to witness. I can write an essay on why Soo eventually falls for So, but I want to see her falling for him like we watched her fall for Wook. I am a little miffed by the editing, because the time skips seem to  hinder the portrayal of the journey. Due to these time skips we seemingly lose a smooth transition from how she went from being distant from So to going out on dates with him. Prior to the jump, it wasn’t hard to understand why she distanced herself from So. Her loss had broken her, she deigned to keep her head low, know her place, and avoid the princes. However, somewhere along the way, she grew closer to So and has gained a semblance of happiness as we see her smiling again. I wanted to witness what brought about that change, because one of the most endearing things about this couple is how they connect. Soo has reinvigorated So’s sense  of self and has been a balm to the scar in his heart. Likewise, So has been a faithful rock that she could always turn to, so much so that his consistency has become something she subconsciously depends on. So probably helped her pick up the pieces as she recovered, but I would rather see it than be told about it. Scenes where they nurture their love is a worthwhile viewing.

Despite all this I am still loving this drama because the storyline and the chemistry of the characters are strong enough to overcome some questionable editing decisions, but I hope the abrasive time skipping stops, though I understand why they are necessary. Frankly this is a drama that should have had more episodes so the story development could be more fleshed out, but I hope with the deteriorating state of Yo,  the time skips can finally end or at least the time skips that sacrifice desirable scenes that would contribute to the meaningfulness of the story. Based off the still, Yo is having illusions of people coming for the thrown. In the preview he mentions Jung as a challenger for his throne and has nightmares of So becoming king. I am not sure what happens next but it is likely that Yo will be vacating the throne soon, which will probably result in more bloody squabbles over ownership of the throne ie, Wook vs So. I look forward to see how this will all play out in conjunction with the SooHae romance. It would be nice if they became a power couple, and Soon Duk and Soo have matching baby bumps, but the chances of all that is up in the air lol. What intrigues me  however is Ji Mong’s observation that something changed Yo’s fortune because he was not meant to be king. I wonder how else the future will change?


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