“Jealousy Incarnate” Episode 17 Preview

With the return of American shows and other things occupying my time, I’ve been unable to keep up with this show. I’ll pick it up again sometime but can’t say when. But again, why does it have to be 24 episodes long? LOL

One thing I know is that it’s been a crazy ride so far and it looks to be continuing in that trend.

Credit to the uploader


  • bmore says:

    Absolutely adore this show. I have not laughed so much in forever. Love this writer. The dialogue is inspired. Pyo Na Ri is us! How many times have we, as an audience, been stuck with our hearts between 2 guys! Pyo Na Ri IS us!!!

  • Iris tan says:

    Agreed! This show is truly hilarious 😂. Luv it. Helps me to relax and laugh which is just great after a hard day at work. Wish such shows are more popular and there’s more of it.

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