Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 17 Preview W/English Subs

WooHoo, Wang So finally becomes King! (LOL) It’s a bit disappointing that it took this long but I’m just happy we’re finally there. Yesterday was a mess with SBS officially announcing Ep. 16 would not air because of a baseball game, much to fans disappointment. But then the episode was leaked through YouKu Todou, a video hosting service based in Beijing, China which left SBS nothing to do but beg people not to watch it (although I wonder if there is something they can do legally to YouKu). I do remember wondering how they would square the ending since SBS aired 3 episodes that first week. Anyhoo, the preview for next week shows Wang So finally becoming King and Wang Wook finally letting go of Hae Soo, albeit with anger. Is anyone besides me relieved the love-triangle is over? (LOL) I mean, give it up, man! Can’t wait for next week. Enjoy!

Full Credit: @4seasonswithiu Twitter, video uploader


  • humbledaisy says:

    I was wondering if the Chinese site would go ahead and air Ep. 18 today which would royally screw things up as they would be one episode ahead of the rest of us. I watched the Chinese version last night and the SBS version today and there was a different explanation for Wang Yo’s illness or so I think.

    By the way, I just saw a really funny fan mv on YouTube where they shipped Wang Yo and Have Soo. I guess everyone in ancient Goreyo had a secret love!

  • Gem says:

    I don’t care for Wook in any capacity. He has been utterly useless with all his efforts leading to nothing. With two more weeks, I hope they can find a believable ending for the show. Youku legally bought the rights to host and broadcast so SBS is to be blamed here for screwing up yet again. And So-Su is boring. Me and my sister actually gave up together and ended up watching some early episodes of MND instead. It’s a weirdly made show. Somethings are rushed, some are too slow and other’s happen off screen.

  • Kittycat says:

    And I’m even frightened now of how SoSoo story will continue … we’ve seen that 4th way of life already change. Its the throne that come first, other will be come after. I’ll hope it wouldn’t too devastating by the end of this series, well …. what am I thinking, of course they will torn our heart a part to pieces… they really going to pull the story to the max right, as close as the original …
    Hikksss, I’m going to find something to hold on, my heart just can’t handle it..
    This show is suck, it consumed my life, even at work I still thinking about this, not to mention sneaking up so often to read everbody’s comment and review on soompi group MLSHR… never again watching ongoing drama, its not healthy for me..fiuuuhhh…

  • juliesean says:

    I’m sure this will end the way of the chinese version….I think the drama would have done well if it was 24 episodes (for once!!!) so that the developments of the characters gets flashed out more, instead of getting bad editing, with 3 different versions!! Come on man, this was pre-produced. Unlike DOTS, it was well produced and edited. No ridiculous re-editing for the Korean run. They have such a great material and great cast (almost!) but alas…..

  • Adal says:

    Yeah the plot, costumes and the acting are great but the editing, music and filming (with all the close ups) are sub par so it leads to some really weird dynamics.

    Sad, because the actors worked really hard on this drama, especially Lee Jun Ki who voiced his disappointment at the ratings and blames himself. But what could he do? His acting was excellent. This is the best I have ever seen him. He can’t take the blame for bts politics that truncated a 24 episode drama into 20 episodes and lost most of the continuity of the story in the process.

    • Barbrey says:

      I’m really curious – I posted on another forum that all the evidence points to this drama having been originally 24 episodes, but cut down to twenty, because of all the missing scenes and choppy editing. But that was my speculation only. Has it been posted anywhere that that is actually the case?

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