The K2 Episode 9 Preview

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find subs for this preview anywhere but it does appear Anna is now out and about which makes me really happy. I loved the “good morning” to her home bodyguards and Mi-ran’s little choke. (LOL) With this, I’m positive we can put the idea she has a “social phobia” to rest – I’m fairly certain this was a lie to explain keeping her locked up and out of sight all these years by Yoo Jin’s camp. At the end of episode 8, we saw Sung Won’s mother watching the footage of Anna collapsing and Yoo Jin rushing to her side. She then made a phone call…did she call her son? I love that Lee Jung Jin’s role as Yoo Jin’s stepbrother is amping up, he plays a pretty convincing villain!

What I’m disappointed in is the way Song Yoon Ah’s character has become so predictable. She cries, she threatens, she snarks at people and then goes to her super secret lair to talk to her “mirror” and throw massive tantrums. *sigh* This is not what I (and many others) were hoping for – a one dimensional evil villain who has no soul. I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why she’s stuck by Se Joon all these years, he’s a massive jerk. Or why it’s so important to her that he becomes President – she shoulda dumped his ass a long time ago and moved on with her life since she’s fabulous. (LOL)

It seems we’re also about to discover the danger of Anna coming out into this evil world with so many people now willing and, in fact, eager to use her. And the cute “go – stop” game Je Ha taught Anna in order to keep her safe continues, I love it. I can’t wait for Friday. Enjoy!


Credit: tvN YouTube Channel


  • B4l01 says:

    I thought the reason why YJ wants SJ to be president is for her to eventually have JB group per se and that her father knew about it. At least that’s what SW’s mother told her during the locked conference unless otherwise YJ has different motive.

    On another note, I’m wondering why MR is still around considering her negligence of duty. She should have been fired or been given a disciplinary action.

  • M A D E says:

    O M G .. Daebak this drama ! Evil queen look really Angry to Anna . More epic this drama !! And Please have some more scene Anna and Jeha …

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