“Drinking Solo” Episode 15 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 7

This was the week of heartbreaks for almost everyone but the main couple. Jin Yi had to deal with being dumped via text while all three boys learned the truth about their crushes… well, Dong Young learned that a part of his girlfriend was still waiting for him but he messed it up when he let Ki Bum into his head.

Speaking of Ki Bum, I can tell you that I didn’t feel sorry for him when Dong Young told him where Chae Yeon’s feelings lay. He’d been particularly mean to the guy all because he told him he had no hope with the girl who’d rejected him over a year ago. But my heart melted when he started to cry at the end of Episode 14. He’s childish and petty but he’s also got a good heart. I mean, how many people would be willing to suppress their pain to cheer up their friends? I still think he should grow up and move on from Chae Yeon although it’s clear that his feelings for her are sincere.

Dong Young. Hmm. I was totally with him till he crossed the line and yelled at his ex. Yes, it hurts to see an ex move on so easily but that certainly doesn’t give one the right to chastise them for it. I’m glad she told him off and thanked him for making it easier for her to get over him. But people make mistakes and I wonder if there still could be a future for them.

Gong Myung, oh Gong Myung. Get over this woman! There are only two episodes left and I feel like we’ve got so much to resolve.  I didn’t even feel bad for him when he saw them together because it’s about time that happened so we can move the story along. Then he does something silly and confronts his brother, telling him that he’s not worthy of her love. Bro, it’s her choice and she chose him.

Speaking of Jung Suk, that guy sure hasn’t grown up. I suppose this is a realistic story where people remain who they are and just change the way they act towards the person they like. Because he certainly didn’t hesitate to tell his girlfriend to stay away from the low quality girl who helped her get a job.  Yes, she hit on him but that still didn’t warrant that comment.

As for Jin Yi and Jin Woong, I would have been more interested in their love line if it didn’t feel like it was coming at the 11th hour. As it stands, I just want them to keep things as they are.

And poor Chae Yeon. I hope she finally passes the exam this time because she’s barely living and it must suck to be the brilliant person who now appears to be underperforming.

So it looks like Jung Suk will break up with Ha Na for his brother but he missed the point. His brother is obviously mad that Ha Na isn’t single but his main beef is that his personality sucks. Dismissing everyone including his brother; saying that his feelings are a mere crush is the main issue. Yes, he likes Ha Na and now thinks of her and does “low quality” things but the main point is for him to treat everyone better. He might say that he’s giving up his love for his brother and that shows that he’s putting someone else’s feelings ahead of his but he just needs to learn to treat everyone with respect.

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