“Jealousy Incarnate” Episode 19 Preview

Unfortunately, I am still on Episode 12 but it looks like the main love triangle has finally come to an end. If the preview is to be believed, Na Ri tells Jung Won where her heart lies and orders Hwa Shin not to kiss other women. And it ends with Jung Won telling Hwa Shin to date someone. Most would expect that someone to be Na Ri. Let’s see if it is.

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  • bmore says:

    Still LOVING this! The writing just blows me away. And the camera work is amazing. Then there’s the acting…what a cast! There’s not a thing about it I don’t love. Definitely watching this again, marathon mode as soon as it’s over.

  • juliesean says:

    I’m so obsessed with this drama. Can’t wait for Wednesday.

    It looks like NR finally made her choice. But there is 6 more episodes to go, I’m sure there are more obstacles in the way. From a love triangle, into a new love triangle with HW, cancer relapse, mother’s disapproval. HW should pair up with JW, cos she would be able to handle his mom.

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