The K2 Episode 11 Text And Video Preview

Boy, finding information on what’s coming with this drama is like a scavenger hunt, tvN is not making things easy for viewers! I did manage to find translations for the text preview and many thanks to those who helped.

<Trans> The K2 Episode 11 text preview:

The hunt begins between Gwan Soo (Congressman Park, the political rival) and Yoo Jin, who is ready for battle. Secretary Kim secretly attempts to murder Je Ha and stage it as an accident during his mission. Without knowing the danger he’ll be facing, Je Ha heads towards the deadly mission location. He successfully evades the traps Gwan Soo set and invades Gwan Soo’s secret residence. Right at this crucial moment however, Gwan Soo suggest an alternative plan – causing the situation to change.

On the other side, Anna, who has officially started her revenge continues her public appearances to pressure Yoo Jin. On day a report comes in, stating that the day Anna’s mother died – a man was at the scene.


Yoo Jin: Come back alive.
Congressman Park: Wait, wait a moment.
Je Ha: He offered to pay twice the amount if I let him live.
Congressman Park: For the future of the country…blah, blah, something.
Se Joon: The results of the inspection…something. (unclear)
Yoo Jin: You really don’t want to become President, do you?
Unknown Voice: Should I call for K2?
Yoo Jin: Tell him to come to Cloud 9.
Je Ha: Anna, shall we live in Spain later?
Anna: Let’s go.

This is going to be an exciting week, I can’t wait for Friday! Is Je Ha seriously going to accept any kind of deal with Congressman Park? Remember, this is the man who murdered his love Raynia, in cold blood, just because she translated some shady deal Park made! So I’ll be surprised if Je Ha isn’t telling this man what he wants to hear but will still bring him down somehow. And why on earth would Se Joon slap Yoo Jin now? We all know he loathes her but I do wonder what triggered his sudden violence. The preview gives me a bad feeling. While I love it anytime Song Yoon Ah is on the screen, I’m honestly hoping the writer is not going to make her suddenly a jealous, venomous viper because she’s developed romantic feelings for Je Ha, UGH -NO.

The shipping wars on this drama have been ridiculous, to the point that now it’s ruining the drama for others. There seems to be a huge disconnect between Song Yoon Ah (the actress) and Yoo Jin (the murdering psychopath) and her fans will not put up with anyone criticizing this woman, even when it’s made clear the dislike is for YOO JIN, the character and not the actress.  We’re supposed to understand her pain. WUT? (LOL) So she’s been cheated on (like MILLIONS of other women) and that gives her the right to abuse a child or order innocent people murdered in order to further her own political goals? Nope, not buying it – she still wants Anna dead.

While a part of me keeps hoping the writer does eventually give us more of Yoo Jin’s backstory, my thoughts are that unless she witnessed her own mother being murdered, was locked away in Spain for years and has been abused, held captive against her will and mistreated – then I see no redemption arc. I guess we’ll see. I’m still holding out hope that Je Ha will destroy them ALL (Yoo Jin, crazy Assistant, Se Joon, Congressman Park, and any/all other evil, shady characters) in the end. I especially want him to blow up that stupid “mirror” AI room, Cloud 9. But at the end of this preview, I hear Je Ha asking Anna to go to Spain with him and she agrees. That tells me something might possibly happen to one of them and they’ll never make it to Spain. *sobs*


Credit: Chinese translations: Vijean
Credit: English translations: candle_light24
Credit English subs: @alleram95 @Soompi
Credit: @K2_tvN Twitter, tvN DRAMA YouTube



  • AlekaOnu says:

    Hi Tessieroo chingu 🙂 annyeong. Thanks for Ep11 Preview info. K2 is getting more serious and exciting. I love Fridays and Saturdays now.

  • ilee23 says:

    I too agree with your review. I am literally amazed at supporters of Yoo Jin’s character. She is a ruthless, monstrous psychopath that has held captive and emotionally tortured Anna for most of her lifetime. What is there to like in this character. Their are all types of comments out there,” she’s strong”, “Anna’s annoying”, “I love Her”. It is crazy the inability to recognize a greedy, manipulative, murderous character. Why, because she was “cheated on” and she trying to keep what is hers through inheritance. This is “Nutz”, It is like reading comments from an alternate universe. I have concluded that young people like the character that represents being on top, “The Alpha Female”, The mean despicable character that is however smooth, in control and puts her foot on the neck of the” weak and annoying” as Anna is often called by her detractors.
    Thank you for your excellent rational review!!!

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