I first saw him in King 2 Hearts, as the trusted Royal Guard who fell in love with the Princess. I enjoyed his quirky BFF character in the movie Introduction to Architecture. But it was his portrayal of Chef Sun Woo in Oh My Ghost that reeled me in to love him even more. I can’t escape his charms! He is among those actors you will love, no matter what. And he deserves it.

Currently, Jung Seok is the despicable yet endearing newscaster Lee Hwa Shin in Jealousy Incarnate, playing as Gong Hyo Jin’s love interest. They are the cutest couple on-screen now! I’m simply watching this for entertainment sake. I’m allowing illogical bicker take over matter that makes sense. Just for fun.

I love being engulfed in his facial expressions. How does he do it perfectly?

Jo Jung Seok oozes with self confidence! Everything he does looks and feels natural. There is a different swag in his movements. He should be framed in a gif image. Screen shots won’t do him justice. I watch out for those moments where his gaze changes. There’s depth in every second. And I dare say, I love him more when he is angry, frustrated, irritated, and jealous. Heh. But of course, he shares the most romantic scenes with Gong Hyo Jin that sends my heart into a puddle of goo. I just can’t resist him.. this man is GOLDEN. The recent proposal scene tells me why Gummy is the luckiest woman on earth. I imagined it done for her.

On top of all these amazing charisma, I think Jo Jung Seok will be a resident Anatomy of a K-drama kiss scene yearly contender. I will happily include him there, always.


  • Didi says:

    I’ve just (re)watched the latest episode of JI, and sighing “Jo Jung Seok” right before the page of this website loads.
    Lo and behold, his picture at the newest post. *giggles*
    Anyway, JJS is such a fine specimen. I remember that I first watched him in What’s Up as an art performing student with stage fright, a grumpy and charming chef in Oh My Ghostess, and I remember dropping King 2 Hearts right after his (earnest-bot) character got killed. Now, he’s slaying hearts left and right in JI. I haven’t watch Lee Soon Shin (oh, the horror of long episodes), but I may be tempted to pick it up just for more (unhealthy) dose of JJS. 😉

  • Su L. says:

    I first saw Jo Jung Seok in “You Are The Best!” and have loved him ever since. Terrific actor, and I love the way he walks (his swagger).

  • bmore says:

    I fell HARD for him in King 2 Hearts….cried buckets and buckets and it took me forever…to this day…to get over that. I have never forgotten him since and swore I would never miss one of his dramas again. I am absolutely mad about his heartbreakingly hilarious character in JI. The dialogue in this drama is just amazingly written. I love the in your face-ness of it…if the audience can be in love with both guys in the love triangle, why can’t Na Ri??? It’s a valid scenario given short shrift before. The allegory that she is us still holds up for me. The chemistry between her and these 2 guys is palpable and it has been very very hard to come down definitively on one side or the other, even though who she is supposed to be with is a foregone conclusion. Even so, every time one of the guys is on screen, they are the one I want her to end up with! It’s SO hard. But oh that last episode! GHJ is the LUCKIEST woman in the world. She is amazing…she has over the top chemistry with her co-stars. I thought I would never get past her with Jo In Sung….but here I am. Overwhelmed!

  • Beez says:

    Two questions: What “recent proposal scene”? I think I’m up to date on JI and I do recall him straight out “begging” for “it” (Pyo Nar ri must be made of steel). But I don’t remember him proposing. In fact, last thing I remember is JoWung telling Na ri that “Hwashin won’t marry you”. (I have serious short – term memory loss so do tell me if I need to go back and rewatch an episode).

    2) Is “Gummy” his real life girlfriend’s nick name? If so, can you tell me her real name? (The only “gummy” I know is Park Bo Gum ☺)

    • Didi says:

      Hi! 🙂

      1. I think the abovementioned “recent proposal” may refer to the last scene on episode 20, where Hwa Shin proposes to Na-ri with 1000 ramyeons that he cook himself.

      2. Ugh it really pains me to be reminded that JJS is taken. Well, his girlfriend is a popular South Korean singer Park Ji-Yeon, who goes by the stage name Gummy. Do check her songs; she does OSTs too. The latest one was from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. 😉

    • leila108 says:

      thanks for the information Didi. Tho Hwa Shin mentioned “Gyeolhon haja — Let’s get married”. Since I’m familiar with the word, I heard it while watching raw.

      For me, a proposal don’t always have to mean “marriage”, its more of a “commitment”. And this made the final scene in Episode 20 special ❤️ Hwa Shin proposed to cook 1000 ramen! As Na Ri calculated, it would take approximately 10 years to fulfil. A real man in love will stay true to his words. Aja, Hwa Shin!!

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