On The Way To The Airport Episode 13 Preview

It’s made me into a hypocrite but the only way this drama works is by making the spouses such horrible people so that everyone is actively cheering for the cheating couple now. After listening to Hye Won tell Annie she didn’t deserve a father like Seo Do Woo, I made up my mind that I hated her. THEN we see her changing her mind about trying to help her new boss steal the historical home from Do Woo and even going to visit Annie’s grave. What? (LOL) I’m happy there might be a redemption arc for her but I hope Do Woo still divorces her, they just don’t belong together!

And poor Soo Ah, I have no idea how she’s put up with jerk Pilot hubby, Jin Suk all these years. He doesn’t want a wife or a family and he certainly doesn’t want to live in the same place with them. He’s content to see his family once or twice a month and assumes they would be happy with the same. What kind of marriage is that? UGH, I hope she divorces him soon too – he seems more concerned with who Mi Jin is seeing that he is anything else. He wants to be the single “Sydney Gentleman” then let him be. In this preview, there might finally be a confrontation between him and Soo Ah when he asks is she knows about him and Mi Jin so I’m crossing my fingers!

This preview is rather ambiguous and things have slowed down quite a bit but it does seem as if Jin Suk is now considering a move to Auckland which YAY! Meanwhile Do Woo is just waiting…

I need next week NOW.

Soo Ah: You must be feeling very confused over there.
Do Woo: Meet if (we) miss (each other). Let’s live like this from now on.
Jin Suk: Choi Soo Ah, you must be crazy.
Soo Ah: I met/saw your wife few days ago.
Jin Suk: You already knew about things between Mijin and I right?
Jin Suk: I’m at the airport and will be leaving soon (NOTICE BOARD: Apply to stationed abroad in Auckland)
Do Woo: I waited…and waited…

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  • AlekaOnu says:

    Annyeong Tessieroo chingu 🙂 thanks for OTWTA preview. I’m watching the drama live on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • bmore says:

    I’m still loving this drama. It is beautiful to look at and watching it is like snuggling into a comfortable chair on a cold winter day, under my blanket, the fireplace going, a hot latte in one hand, and a great book in the other. I settle in and step into the lives of two people, an observer only, and watch as they struggle to deal with falling passionately in love. It’s the lucky person who gets to experience the kind of fated love these two have. The complication of being married only adds to the tension. The careful way the writer and director are handling the relationship and (mostly her) struggle to not succumb to it, is beautifully done. She strikes me as a person who has always been easily intimidated. Is it cultural adherence or a personality trait learned through life experience? She is not unfamiliar. I think a lot of us know people like her. Quiet, maybe mousy, yet she has a job that requires strength of character and a surety of decision-making totally lacking in her private life. He, on the other hand, seems to have had almost no hesitation from the beginning in pursuing this relationship…almost desperately so. The sign of a man starved for affection and conversation and a partner who shares those things he values in life.

    In a way, I wish they had not gone the route of the ‘evil spouses who must be gotten rid of’. It might have been nice if at least some of the cracks in those relationships were made more clear a little earlier in the story so it didn’t feel so ‘clean’…but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Just part of the slow story building. And I love how slowly this story moves. I rarely say that about a drama. But, I really really love it on this one. There is something so comfortable about living with these 2 and watching how their lives are changing. I am seriously going to miss them when this is over. These 2 actors are terrific as these characters.

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