We are on the final stretch of 2016! Can you feel the time passing by quickly?

This week, we’ve been showered with teasers of the newest K-drama offering from different networks. But these two upcoming drama are the ones that caught my attention. I’m definitely keeping track and I’ve already marked my calendar for its premiere. How about you?

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim: November 7

This tandem is something I’m ecstatic to witness. Chemistry, welcome!

Yoo Yeon Seok (Reply 1994) and Seo Hyun Jin (Oh Hae Young Again) together with a top veteran, Han Suk Kyu (Royal Tailor) will bring the triple-threat to new heights. The main leads recently held a V-live session showing off their amazing on-screen chemistry. I can’t wait to see how it translates inside a chaotic hospital set-up.

I love medical dramas. Romantic Doctor boasts of a “realistic” approach on what a Doctor goes through to fulfil the oath of duty. Of course, there’s more to this profession than saving lives. The production team will go on the classical route that will bring us real-life scenarios that will showcase more than just a blood-shed gurney.

My expectations are.. high. I mean, we are talking about Han Suk Kyu and Yoo Yeon Seok here! I can only imagine greatness. Besides, Seo Hyun Jin might be on her way to become the Mon-Tues Drama Queen. Yeah, that’s how amazing this woman is.

Legend of the Blue Sea: November 16

Jeon Ji Hyun is definitely bringing the F in fun. It’s so unfair that she can eat ANYTHING and still get away with her pretty looks. We have revealed the first teaser on a previous post. I wasn’t enticed by it. But I’m glad I gave show a second chance. I like the second teaser even more. If we’ll be filled by this kind of goodies and sweetness, I want a bite on this cake too.

I must admit, I haven’t watched Lee Min Ho since City Hunter. Heh. I want to see him on a different light. This new role might bring me back to him. I’m crossing my fingers.

All credits to SBS. Please watch the official teasers on SBS NOWRomantic Doctor | Legend of the Blue Sea



  • Beez says:

    I am so glad LMH went back to his pre-City Hunter nose (or so it appears in the teasers). Why do people mess with perfection? And by perfection, I mean what little imperfections they have are usually what sets them apart and is attractive about them in the first place. Personally, I loved his BOF nose best (pre-Personal Taste).

    There are a few other K-stars that I have the exact same issue with – they tweaked something that was so attractive or cute until it no longer was.

  • martha says:

    I haven’t watched LMH in anything since City Hunter either so I’m hoping that this drama will snag my interest in him again. I’m not a big fan of medical dramas (maybe because I worked in a hospital for a long time LOL) But I’m willing to give this one a chance because the cast is so good. fingers crossed.

  • Star says:

    No “Goblin”?
    Gong Yoo is coming to our screen!

    • K says:

      But this is about upcoming SBS drama, not tvN’s. Though I too feel much more excited to watch Goblin rather than this two dramas. Gong Yoo catched my attention after Train to Busan ^^

    • leila108 says:

      I have seen some teasers for Goblin too. It looks beautiful and the romance is promising. But it feels haunting. Unfortunately, I’m a scaredy-cat at heart. Heh. Tho I would love to see Lee Dong Wook & Gong Yoo, I have to pass. Who knows if another CK lady will be brave enough to share her thoughts. Please watch out!

      • Beez says:

        @leila108 Me too! But my love for So Ji Sub made me press on with Master’s Sun and I’m so glad I did. Only the first episode had me looking away from the screen.

        So I’m hoping this Goblin will have a similar level of scariness ’cause I love Gong Yoo and don’t want to miss out. Although I also don’t watch anything that had to do with the occult so if I see it going that route, I’ll abandon it.

        • leila108 says:

          I am grateful for So Ji Sub too! Indeed, love takes away fear ❤️ And just a side note, I watched Master’s Sun in our living room, with all the lights on! I usually watch and write inside my room. ㅋㅋㅋ

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