Song Yoon Ah For Georges Rech In November Marie Claire

Song Yoon Ah, who has become the most beloved evil villain of all time in the tvN drama “The K2”, was chosen to share the F/W line of Georges Rech in Marie Claire. I’m a new fan of this amazing actress and am working my way through her older movies/dramas. Although I loathe her character in “The K2”, she is fun to watch! She looks gorgeous in this pictorial, check it out!

Source  |  Marie Claire


  • soo bin says:

    I wish that producers would consider a Ji Chang Wook-Song Yoon Ah drama. Even after his military service which could start anytime in 2017. Their great onscreen chemistry is a major factor for the success of The K2. It even outshadows that of JCW and Im Yoona. I am now her fan!

  • AlekaOnu says:

    I’m a fan of K2 and I don’t agree that Song Yoon Ah with Ji Chang Wook outshine YoonA with Ji Chang Wook. Korean audience loves YoonA with Ji Chang Wook.

  • Samantha says:

    I love this woman. I have seen her in dramas and she is phenomenal especially in K2 where I first saw her act as an antihero. She is not the villain but the antihero because antiheroes are the central character of the story that is flawed and are therefore, much more intresting than the more traditional heroes. They can be working on the side of good, but with a tradic flaw, or a horrible past, or for reasons that are selfish and not intirely “pure”. They can also be working for the side of evil, but with hidden noble intentions, or other underlying complexities.

  • Jane says:

    Yes Yoona’s acting has improved in K2. But given that she has been too long in this industry, her improvement is way too little ! Moreover, she failed to move my heart in K2. She’s the pawn and yet she failed to grab my sympathy.
    Perhaps she couldn’t feel nor visualize her role. Perhaps she didn’t analyze her script in order to determine what kind of reaction from the viewers
    Look at song yoon ah! She’s good! We all reacted to her. She’s not acting! We felt that she’s exactly like her role- bitter, disappointed and hateful!

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