Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: First Impressions

I’m expecting a lot. Really. The writer must feel confident that she has more material to offer. Even if she gives away more than one can handle in an episode. I have nothing but respect.

The story is fast paced. It keeps pumping adrenaline rush while keeping the heart satisfied with sprinkles of happy vibes. I love the balance I’m getting so far. Keeping up with this kind of pace can be challenging. I’m intrigued how we’ll move forward every week. I’d be anticipating to see how far this ride will take me.

Personal Thoughts:

The irresistible pulchritude of Seo Hyun Jin fills up my screen with acting prowess. Even her transformation as a Doctor carried her natural charm. She’s become the crazy whale Resident ER Doctor Yoon Seo Jeong. She’s not just your ordinary Doctor with talent, beauty and brains. She’s feisty, courageous and compassionate. Those are just among the vital qualities needed to survive in the medical field. It’s a tough profession that requires one to understand its true value beyond the facade. I’m glad Seo Jeong is not stiff, nor someone who goes by the book. I’m ecstatic to know more about her.

Although it’s wrong to deliberately torture an intern, her ulterior motives prevailed. Heh. She taught Dong Joo where he belongs in a world where a Sunbae exists. But it’s also good to note that Seo Jeong learned a valuable lesson herself in the process. It’s a win-win situation and I enjoyed every minute of it. This was the reason why I enjoyed the first episode more. I’m hoping to get this vibrant energy back for our OTP.

Yoo Yeon Seok is a multifaceted actor. I’m glad to see his layers being uncovered here more. As a Medical Intern, I adore his negative attributes — vulnerable, helpless, clueless. He is someone who badly needs a comb and a shower, and yet he still looks adorable. All that personality is wrapped with his burning passion to become better than anyone. As Kang Dong Joo he is determined to standby his principles above anyone else. I don’t know how I will handle someone like him. He is both annoying and lovable. It is an odd mix, I know. But Yeon Seok thrives on his charms this way. Not everyone can have a distinct quality like him. He is always a joy to witness.

Are you crazy? – Seo Jeong

I’m also asking myself the same question. I’m drowning deep in love just by looking at Yoo Yeon Seok’s eyes. This man has sincerity written all over his face. I can’t help but feel this. Even though we know that this scene is coming, the feeling it brought didn’t fail my expectations. I will never complain that we experienced this sooner. IMO, the timing was just right. Why prolong the agony of waiting?

And this kiss.. what else can I say?

It looks and feels like Seo Jeong has never been kissed so passionately. She allowed herself to be momentarily swept away. But of course, the mind reminded the heart to stop. She has a boyfriend after all. Damn, she is taken! But from the looks of that scene, I think she wished that she wasn’t. After all, she’s also into him. She wouldn’t care to tame Dong Joo otherwise. Just saying.

The type of person who knows who you are and understands you the most, is an attractive quality a man should possess. This is where love blossomed between them. Don’t you agree? The bickering and exchange of wit served its purpose well. The mutual admiration that turned into love didn’t transpire in a 24-hour timeline anyway. Though, it wouldn’t hurt to see it extend at least for another episode.

It’s selfish to say it this way. But I want to savour on their lingering gaze even more. Or witness Dong Joo smile and stare at her from behind..

This scene is a favourite!

Everything about it is perfect.

The light.

The music.

The sound of rain.

All of these contributed to the warm ambiance that sets the mood for a confession. Yes. A sincere confession! EEeee. I’ve watched this scene on repeat and I get the same tingling feeling every time. Is it romantic? For me, it is more than that. It takes courage to say what you feel out loud, like there’s nothing to lose. That is so endearing! It proved the essence of Dong Joo’s character. From the beginning, he’s really someone who takes action based on what he feels. Even if it means he’ll turn an emergency room into shambles. He does not care. He will say and do what he wants. It is both an advantage and a disadvantage. I hope he eventually learns the difference.

That aside, this set-up made the romance carry-on to the next five years. Proving that distance, nor absence does not hinder love.

I like you, Senior. – Kang Dong Joo

This man is clearly head over heels for her. Whether its because he was fighting his raging manly hormones, or admiring a woman filled with passion to help others. There is no doubt in his heart, he finally met his match. Isn’t it too early to put his heart out there? Again, I DON’T CARE! Sometimes, we shouldn’t let a moment pass by and simply stay true with what your heart dictates.

Enough with the romance.

Oh noes! That right hand isn’t pleasant to behold. However, its enough to tease Dong Joo so I’m keeping it.

Surely, Doctor Kim was disappointed to witness a surgeon who performed CPR rather than a Heimlich Manoeuvre to a choking patient. Then again, Dong Joo was drunk, emotional and feeling down in the dumps to recognise the signs and symptoms of his patient. Critical thinking with a splash of common sense is needed there. However, Dong Joo was too drunk to even get his head properly organised. That is strike two for you, dearest Dong Joo.

I’m intrigued by the character of Doctor Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu). He is practicing medical recluse in Doldam Hospital. He is described as eccentric, and incredibly talented. His skills are incomparable to those of his peers. But why isn’t he using his gifts for the  greater good? That question remains to be answered. Right now, listening to Madonna after saving a patient means more to him than getting any recognition that can only add value to his resume.

Within two episodes, five years have passed. Things eventually changed. But there are exemptions to the rule. I think Dong Joo and Seo Jeong knows what I mean.

See you next week!


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