The K2 Episode 15 Preview W/English Subs *SPOILERS*

It’s here and it’s similar to what I’ve been expecting all along – Anna is placed in danger in order to get Je Ha to turn over something the bad guys want. And he goes Rambo on all of them. (LOL) I personally can’t wait, it’s beyond time for Yoo Jin to be brought down along with her equally evil step-brother, Sung Won and Congressman Park. I’m hoping Je Ha can do it (although he’s injured) and with the least amount of problems – poor guy needs a break! But of course, this being an action-drama, I seriously doubt the ending week will happen without a massive kick-ass action scene. I’m praying EVIL Yoo Jin finally gets punished and Anna can finally live in peace.

Yoo Jin: What are you doing, why come here?
Sung Won: I’m here to set off a bomb.
Je Ha: I’m sorry.
Yoo Jin: You dirty traitor!
Anna: What should we do?
Je Ha: We need to catch Park Kwan Soo (Congressman Park). No matter where you go, I will follow you but you have one more difficult task to do.
Anna: What is it?
Mi Ran: Miss Anna has been kidnapped?
A man: We have to save her.
Se Joon: Let’s go.
Je Ha: Anna-yah

Credit: tvN Drama, @blindfury and @alleram95 @Soompi forums for English translations

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  • Jane says:

    Yes Yoona’s acting has improved in K2. But given that she has been too long in this industry, her improvement is way too little ! Moreover, she failed to move my heart in K2. She’s the pawn and yet she failed to grab my sympathy.
    Perhaps she couldn’t feel nor visualize her role. Perhaps she didn’t analyze her script in order to determine what kind of reaction from the viewers
    Look at song yoon ah! She’s good! We all reacted to her. She’s not acting! We felt that she’s exactly like her role- bitter, disappointed and hateful!

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