“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Episode 3 Preview


Hello, it’s a Cheese In The Trap reunion! In fact, it’s like reunions upon reunions upon reunions! Other than Cheese In The Trap (main leads plus a weightlifter), there are W reunions and even Oh My Ghost! I keep wondering if all these dramas were produced by the same company.

But enough about that. I finally watched Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (what a mouthful!) and think it’s adorable. It’s nothing groundbreaking and is pretty much just a youth drama set in an Olympic village but once they showed us the flashback of Bok Joo and Joon Hyung as kids, I was all in. Yes, it’s very cliche and is such an overused trope but instead of making me roll my eyes like it usually does, this time, it made me fall for the leads.

And now that our Joon Hyung is all about the girl he clearly crushed on in elementary school, I love that she’s “fallen” for his brother mainly because I feel bad that the actor always playing second fiddle and at least, this time, the girl actually likes him. I just hope it remains an unrequited love and he doesn’t end up getting rejected down the line.

Tons of cuteness from the OTP and how does Bok Joo not melt when Joon Hyung looks at her like that?

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  • OchaNokcha says:

    I have just finished the 2 first episodes … And I like it. Like you wrote, there are tons of clichés but nonetheless it is funny … & I want to smile a lot these days …

  • Erik says:

    I like this one over the legend of blue sea more and.I don’t why is that. Perhaps the cuteness and for.once I don’t end up hating the actress playing bok joo like.in her other drama role.

  • Elena says:

    They are adorable and I am loving it. Maybe nothing new, but it’s heartwarming, light and fun. LSK is my girl crush these days and NJH is a cute puppy running around her (though I hope he will develop a more manly side in order to seduce her..), I cannot ask for more. 🙂

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