“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Thoughts + Episode 5 Preview

Four episodes in and I have to say that I’m still very much enjoying this drama particularly because I really like all the characters and love watching them interact with one another.

While we’re clearly not supposed to root for Shi Ho to get her man back, I like that she has her own storyline separate from her relationship with Joon Hyung. We’re watching her and her family struggle to achieve her dreams and I’m looking forward to where this journey takes us. Will she improve and get on the national team? Or will she move on to a new life?

One thing I will say is that I find it hard to buy her age. I can buy everyone else being in their early 20s but she comes across as more mature, like someone in her late 20s.

Speaking of casting… I’d planned to ignore the fact that Lee Sung Kyung looks nothing like I envision a weightlifter but they’ve rendered that impossible by making weight a big part of her storyline. In what world is she overweight? I get that having a high muscle-to-fat ratio means one could appear lean at a heavy weight but this woman (despite several layers of clothing) doesn’t look like someone with a pound to lose (bellyfat or not). So while I enjoy her scenes with the doctor, I’m finding it difficult to suspend my disbelief. But I was glad that they gave her a weight that makes sense (~58kg) which could work at her height. It’s just a little confusing because they are kind of playing fast and loose with this plot.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, how cute is our OTP? They are adorable and some of their scenes make me laugh like when she needed love advice for her “friend” and he asked which one because he knows them. That’s so realistic. LOL. He’s very annoying and you can see  she wants to strangle him every time he bugs her but I squeal at how much he loves teasing her. How can I get mad at a man who enjoys himself this much in the company of his future girl?

It’s impossible. SQUEEEEEEEE!!

And while she wishes he’d leave her alone sometimes, I like that she asked him about his personality change. It shows that some of their memories stayed with her. And I like that she asked him if he fought for her and didn’t buy his terrible lies. I expect an element of denial but right now, Bok Joo is aware that she likes his hyung and is going for it in her own way. And while not quite ready to deal with his past, Joon Hyung isn’t in denial about what triggered his anxiety attacks. This gives me hope that they won’t be people who lie to each other and themselves about their feelings.

While Bok Joo can’t see where her relationship with Joon Hyung is obviously heading, Shi Ho can. And yes, it was very annoying to watch her insert herself into their cafeteria flirtations but I’m glad that the former couple got to make their current positions known. I wanted to strangle her when she barged into the men’s locker room and foisted her gift on her ex and I’m not a fan of how she’s going about getting him back but I appreciate her honesty.

The rest of the show is fun from the bromances to the sismances; watching the adorable coaches put everything on the line for their athletes; and now, Bok Joo potentially having to gain weight when she’s on a weight loss journey to spend time with her crush. Haha. I can’t help but fall in love with a show with a lot of heart.

All I want now is more depth for Bok Joo. Both Joon Hyung and Shi Ho are struggling in similar and different ways and I would also like to see what Bok Joo has to overcome (that’s unrelated to romance).

What up with Jae Yi and Bok Joo? Surely, that isn’t a date with your patient, Doctor-nim. I know you love classical music and this is probably her gift for losing weight but isn’t this crossing the line?

Next week promises tons of cuteness with Joon Hyung making Bok Joo his servant in exchange for hiding her true identity from his hyung. But of course, that’s just his way of spending more time with her. My favorite part of the preview is how mad he gets when he learns that she likes Jae Yi. Why does his agony amuse me so?

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  • Gem says:

    I don’t know about weight but I’ve said this over and over again, not all weightlifters are heavy. Have you seen Deng Wei from China?? A lot are fit but definitely with prominent muscles. So, I still don’t get the visuals don’t match as a weightlifter point. I definitely agree that she doesn’t need to loose weight. What I think the doctor scenes tells us is more about the beauty standards popular in the country. I mean all the pretty girls are so thin there so maybe that is what the doctor thinks that they need to aim for and we all know its just an excuse for Bok Ju to meet her puppy crush.

  • ilchul says:

    I’m happy that you’re enjoying the drama as well!! 😀
    I’m really loving this drama!! Bok Joo and Joon Hyung are SO cute, and like you said it’s impossible to get mad at him seeing how much fun he have while teasing her, if he wasn’t THAT cute and sweet behind her back I would’ve strangled him with her but seeing his big grin while teasing her makes me grin with him!! awwwww and it will get even worst for Bok Joo (and more fun for Joon Hyung) now that he’ll keep teasing her even more and she will be forced to go with it to protect her secret!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that would be so funny!!
    on another side, both Joon Hyung and Bok Joo will face some challenges and to make some decisions that will affect their career!! would Bok Joo chose pursuing her crush or her career and how much will Joon Hyung will take to let his gard down and allow himself to have the help he needs to get over his panic/stress disorder that’s preventing him from competing!!
    about Shi Ho, I really feel sorry for her concerning her career but I really hate how she’s acting around Joon Hyung and trying to use Bok Joo to get close to him and at the same time declaring her interest in him to keep Bok Joo from acting on her feelings if/when she develop/realise her feelings for him!! and she was super shameless to act as his girlfriend in the meal time and when she asked him to date again!! really?!! she leave him in the worst timing ever and all she have to do is to want to get back so he will get back to her?!! she really have no remorse or shame!!

  • Erika says:

    I don’t like shi ho and the reasons the same as you guys esp the way she manipulated bok joo. Anyway I can’t wait for next episode for the way joon young act when he knows about bok joo’s crush.

  • Riiko says:

    I’m not really sure about this one but I was asking myself if that would be possible that Shi Ho may be pregnant ? I mean, they insist on the fact that she doesn’t lose weight even if she’s not eating, the way she felt the urge to vomit after one sip of orange juice and even the doctor found it strange that she had an upset stomach… I remember the mother saying that she can’t have her period (well, it seemed “normal” given her lack of nutrition but perhaps should we read it differently ?)
    Surely I am imagining too much, after all we are in a korean drama about youth and I don’t think that such a sweet story could lead to an unwanted (?) pregnancy for one of the characters but let’s watch the show to have the answer 😉
    And I don’t think that it would be Joon Hyun’s baby, no no no~~ but it’s possible she would try to make him think that.

    Nevertheless I am really liking this show, it’s sweet and I’m fond of stories where the man is the first one to fall in love (with some jealousy in addition, please ? )

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