“The Legend of the Blue Sea” Thoughts + Episode 5 Preview

When I started watching this show, I didn’t know what to expect. Folks on Twitter and knets didn’t seem too impressed but some Couch Kimchi readers seemed to like it. Who was I to believe?

Four episodes in and I like it. In fact, I was already digging it by Episode 2. It’s a little slow because not only does the couple have to get to know each other, we’re also watching the mermaid learn to be human.  However, assuming she’s the same from the Joseon era, she’s already experienced speaking, loving a human etc etc so she must have lost those memories, right?

I knew that the relationship between Sae Wa and the village head would go deeper than him saving her life but I was pleasantly surprised that it was a relationship that spanned several years. I love that scene of her recounting their shared past and him connecting the dots. But she obviously wanted him to remember her after she erased his memories (in both instances) so is it that the only way she could have saved him was kissing him, with the cost being his memory loss?

Speaking of which, what is up with Joseon Sung Dong Il’s teeth? And why does he enjoy laughing widely and torturing us with them? LOL.

There are many dramas that I watch for the characters or romance but this is one that I’m watching for the story, or more importantly, the mysteries.

Other than being interested in what happened in the past, they’ve set up a few mysteries like what happened to Joon Jae’s family. Why did his mom disappear and why hasn’t she reached out to him or her ex? What’s up with this kissing thing? We can’t get invested in the couple if memories keep getting erased and they have to get to know each other all over again so how will this be resolved? Plus we need kissing scenes! We’ve already seen that his memories can be recovered so how will that come into play?

My favorite part of the Spanish scenes was seeing the mermaid kick everyone’s asses. I always love it when the female lead can protect herself.

It’s hard to pinpoint what I like about this drama but all I know is that it’s entertaining. It’s fun to watch all these people try to talk to someone who’s basically an alien. You can’t have a normal conversation with her because she doesn’t know anything. LOL. You can’t con her because she doesn’t fall for the usual tricks. You can’t threaten her because she doesn’t understand the consequences. You can’t even get mad at her because she’s just so naive. It’s hilarious! She’s so clueless that a little kid has to school her in the ways of the world.

Joon Jae is more like the typical male lead chaebol son with mummy issues. I won’t call him a modern-day Robin Hood because he lives well off his ill-gotten wealth but there’s a social justice aspect to his criminal activities. We just need to know why he chose this life over one with his dad.

I honestly couldn’t care less about the second lead female but I’m glad to see her getting her ass kicked.

I haven’t said much about their romance because I’m not yet invested in it but I like that he inadvertently fulfilled his promise to take her to see the fireworks. The romance I do care about is the Joseon era’s and if the preview is to believed, both will be connected in a major way when they hopefully meet again on the day of the first snowfall. I’m looking forward to it.

Credit: SBS, Dramafire

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  • Gail Hoyer says:

    This drama was a little boring ion the beginning, but it did have some funny scenes. Not sure where the plot will lead to since they have reconnected in modern time. It’s the fourth episode and I hope they get to connect better or I will disconnect.

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