Goblin Stills: Kim So Hyun & Kim Min Jae as Queen & King + Lee Dong Wook & Gong Yoo

Promotions rev up as Goblin’s premiere date approaches!

Today, we’ve got stills of Kim Min Jae (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim) and Kim So Hyun (Let’s Fight Ghost) as King and Queen. These are cameos and it’s been reported that while brief, their appearances will leave a lasting impression. I can’t wait!

Here are stills of Lee Dong Wook as the Angel of Death. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they were from a spy movie.

Why do men look so good in hats?

And as a bonus, here’s the main man Gong Yoo as our immortal Goblin, Kim Shin.


Goblin premieres on December 2nd on tvN.

Credit: tvN, TopStarNews


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