English-Subbed Teaser For Star-Studded Lotte Duty Free Web Drama “Seven First Kisses” Released

I always wonder how much Lotte Duty Free budgets for advertising because they seem to get all the stars in their CFs. And now it seems they are aiming for the biggest CF ever in their latest venture, a 10-episode web drama called “Seven First Kisses.”

Here’s the synopsis from Koreandrama.org:

A romantic drama of a duty free shop worker meeting seven different men.

Min Soo Jin (Lee Cho Hee) meets a goddess (Choi Ji Woo). Later she got a chance from the goddess to choose one guy among seven guys, as her first kiss.

Here’s the poster:

Based on the poster, it’s like were going back a decade to when fanfics were all the rage. In addition to Choi Ji Woo, we’ve also got Lee Jun Ki, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Ho, 2PM’s Taecyeon and EXO’s Kai. Talk about a fangirl’s fantasy.

Here’s the teaser:

Who would I choose for my first kiss? Ordinarily, I’d pick Taecyeon because he’s my boo but based on the look in his eye, it’s going to have to be Ji Chang Wook. Sexy!

Seven First Kisses premieres on December 5th on NAVER tvcast.

Credit: LOTTE DUTY FREE, Koreandrama.org


  • Jo says:

    They used money from marketing AND HR – because what girl’s not gonna want to work at Lotte Duty Free now?

  • Beez says:

    Okay so I’ve only seen dramas with Lee Jun ki, Ji Chang Wook and Lee Min Ho. So the question is…who’s the better kisser?

    From what I’ve seen, JCW is in the lead for me.

    I’ve seen the Cheese in the Trap guy in East of Eden before he became well known – but he had no kissing scenes in that (if he did, I don’t remember because he was a rapist so…his kisses from EOE don’t count. )

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Well, if we’re going to base it on their past performances, I’d have to add Lee Jong Suk to my list! His sexy voice and the sensual way he kisses… hmm. 😀

      • Beez says:

        I’m watching W now. I haven’t seen him in anything else other than his small breakout role in Secret Garden.

        I guess Is better get busy searching YouTube for “Lee Jong. Seok kissing scenes”.

  • Lena says:

    Whatever they are selling – I’m buying:-))

  • Bleh says:

    Ji Chang Wook babyyy!!🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍 All the way for me.

  • MinaBoom says:

    LJK …. All the way

  • ilchul says:

    I ADORE both Lee Joon Ki and Lee Jong Seok…but since I have to chose one I’ll chose Lee Joon Ki!!

  • nyanya says:

    i’m sure will be hard for girl choose one. 😀 . i think, Kai, will suit perfect for a psycho movie

  • juliesean says:

    Haha. I can’t choose. What a dilemma to be in. LOL. Can I kiss all 7? Actually mainly 4; Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jong Seok, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Min Ho.

  • shamrockmom says:

    There is no downside to this premise!

  • Elena says:

    A difficult decision indeed, haha! Lee Min Ho is totally hot, Lee Jong Suk is so sweet and charming, and no one can beat Ji Chan Wook’s intensity…
    Maybe it’s because I watched W recently, but if I could choose I would love to have a date and a kiss from Jong Suk. 🙂

  • Mirea says:

    as much as Lee Min Ho is hot, I’m torn between Jong Suk and Taecyon =)

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