Lee Jong Suk and Suzy Confirmed For 2017 SBS Drama “While You Were Sleeping”

As as fan of corny romantic comedies, I’ve seen Sandra Bullock’s 1995 film While You Were Sleeping about a woman falling in love with her comatose, fake fiancé’s brother several times. Is this a remake? Nope.

SBS’s 2017 drama is about a woman whose dreams predict unfortunate events and the prosecutor who fights to prevent them from happening. I suppose this is a little like Minority Report? It sounds very interesting and as far as I’m concerned, Lee Jong Suk has an eye for interesting projects but Bae Suzy? I’ve got nothing against her but this sounds like a role that calls for some great acting chops and I don’t think she’s there yet. Yes, she did her best in Uncontrollably Fond but still. I’m going to cross my fingers that she surprises me and does a great job.

For now, we can get a glimpse of their chemistry from their “BBQ Chicken” CF.

Casting aside, I’m pretty excited about this project because it’s written by Park Hye Run, whose last project – Page Turner –  I absolutely adored. She’s also responsible for Pinocchio (another drama I liked) and the ratings success I Can Hear Your Voice. This woman clearly loves working with Lee Jong Suk… and Suzy for that matter as she wrote her debut, Dream High.

Rounding out the main team is director, Oh Choong Hwan, responsible for the recent hit, Doctors.

While You Were Sleeping starts filming in the first half of 2017.

Credit: BBQ Chicken, Uploader, Asiatoday


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