What is more important: yourself or others? It’s one of the hardest question that Dong Joo struggled with. It’s about time for a mentor! There are lessons in life that are taught the hard way. No discipline is ever pleasant! We have to stick around to know its value.

The bittersweet love story between Dong Joo and Seo Jung continues. Love never left even after a 5 years of absence. But what excites me is that we were able to know a bit more about Doctor Kim this time around. I don’t mind being fed with crumbles, just as long as it tastes good. This only makes me crave for more! Without further ado, let me share few of my thoughts for the past weeks.

Personal Thoughts Episodes 3 to 6:

Dong Joo vs Everyone:

The past week felt like a never-ending war between Dong Joo and his colleagues. Dong Joo might have improved on his skills as a certified Doctor, but he is still the same naive Intern who is over ruled by his emotions. Though our boy is learning to adjust now, all thanks to Doctor Kim. Dong Joo is starting to wake-up from his reverie.

Being passionate is one thing that is consistent about Dong Joo. He is burning with desire to express himself, albeit any circumstance. Doctor Kim is showering him with tough-love, allowing Dong Joo to decide on his own is vital for growth. Dong Joo’s struggle is real. His emotions are often a disadvantage. He needs to control it more wisely or else it will eat him alive.

Seo Jung vs Herself:

They say, your worst enemy is yourself. Seo Jung’s battle from Post traumatic Stress Disorder is no joke. She almost lost an important asset. I hope her hand will function well when it heals completely. Amidst that, Seo Jung remains optimistic. She can still sing to her hearts content as a flawed loser. I’m loving this side of her.

She is also learning how to express herself more. If Dong Joo doesn’t have a break to stop himself from talking, Seo Jung usually succumbs to authority or take responsibilities even if she is not at fault. She simply follows with no questions asked. But now, we are seeing her stand up for what she believes. It is a welcomed change. Even Doctor Kim loves it.

Eccentric Doctor Kim vs President Do:

Isn’t Doctor Kim the cutest? President Do might be wondering, why the heck his nemesis still manages to smile after all he has done? Revenge can taste this sweet.

This rivalry is ancient. If one is uber great, it tends to step on another person’s ambitious goal. This results to an inevitable battlefield kind of life. Now, I’m beginning to understand why Doctor Kim chose to be a practising recluse. Who wants to be in an endless war where the winner assumes himself as the one, always?

I’m curious to know how will Doctor Kim outwit President Do this time. I want to see President Do struggle, badly. Someone needs to teach him a lesson too.

Drama vs Reality:

I love medical dramas, partly because I am working in the medical field. The difference between drama vs reality is clearly evident. The Medical staff — from the Doctors, Nurses and from us in the allied health, are calm during work hours. Or should I say, we try hard to remain calm. Working under pressure is a norm. We are only human, but as a licensed professional, we act differently in order to manage our duties & responsibilities. Emotions are hidden or set aside, even for a while. Though most of the time, we just want to burst out and join the madness too. LOL.

I can’t speak for everyone. But in my years of practice I’ve never heard a Doctor shout angrily in front of a patient while treatment is on going. In contrast, Medical Drama needs bolder expressions or everything will be bland. When you walk in, even in a crowded ER, the medical staff won’t be screaming at each other as if in chaos. IRL, the scenario is different, as the medical staff try to execute everything accordingly while keeping the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in mind. I won’t put emphasis that sometimes medical dramas tend to neglect even the simplest PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like the facial mask, when performing procedures. I just watch without judgement. Medical practice can’t be accurately presented on-screen after all. This is only a drama.

In fairness to this production, I respect how they keep in line with the hospital set-up and case scenarios. I like it that I can even recognise some medical terms while watching RAW. I have nothing but praises for the actors coz their diction is spot on! I’m watching with delight because of all the characters. Each of them brings out a colour that makes this something I can enjoy as is.

SCENE STEALER: This will be an added feature from here onwards. Enjoy!

EPISODE 3; If there is one actor I don’t want to see cry repeatedly, it would be Yoo Yeon Seok. I don’t think I’ll ever get over witnessing him cry as Chilbong (Episode 21 – Reply 1994).

And now, seeing him cry again as Dong Joo, I still can’t help but sob along in pain. I don’t think Yeon Seok will ever fail in making me sympathise with whatever his character feels. I need a wiper installed for my eyes whenever he has crying scenes. It gets blurry as the river of tears continuously flow. Simply a display of acting prowess done right.

EPISODE 4: If looks could kill, Doctor Kim and Dong Joo are dead already.

Nurse Oh gave the men a healthy dose of scolding. She is lovely and fiery, isn’t she? If there is one thing Doctor Kim is afraid of, she might be the one! She earned the respect of everyone for the right reasons. I love that Nurse Oh represents a gamut of emotions that most of us in the medical field really feels. She shows grace under pressure and she can manage to perform multiple roles. I want to bow down in worship. How to be you??

EPISODE 5: Nobody can say bad things to Seo Jung except Dong Joo. They can be brutally honest with each other. I love that. It is the kind of compliment that allows room for improvement. It’s different when someone sees the other side of your personality that helps you understand who you are. Dong Joo can admit his weakness while Seo Jung naturally helps him overcome it. This is teamwork at best.

Though we are constantly showered with their endless bickers, Dong Joo is winning on showing the slightest yet oh-so-sweet gestures from behind. Whether he is covering Seo Jung’s feet or holding her hand while she sleeps — everything counts! Handsome points for you, dude.

EPISODE 6: This love is slowly taking over my sweet spot.

Both of them can experience a tough day separately. And yet, they can find peace in each other’s presence. It’s going to be a long and winding road towards love! There are issues that Seo Jung needs to overcome first on her own. She is still living with guilt because of what happened to her past boyfriend. How can she move on and love again? Dong Joo must stand firm armed with a love of steel. Coz Seo Jung will be hard to penetrate. I’ll simply cheer for him on the side.

Join me again next time!

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