English-Subbed Teaser For Upcoming KBS Drama “Hwarang” + New Fun Second Teaser

It’s man candy time! I say this then remember that recent sageuks like Moon Lovers and even Love in the Moonlight were also full of hot men. Well, the more the merrier.

Hwarang, which translates to “Flowering Knights” were an elite group of young men in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. The main love triangle in the drama about these men will center around Aro (Go Ara) who’s from a mixed status family so you can imagine all the family disapproval that took place when her parents got together. Her main man will be Moo Myung/Sun Woo Rang (Park Seo Joon), a warrior who lives everyday like it will be his last while the second lead will be King Jin Heung/Sam Maek Jong (Park Hyung Sik), a lonely guy who adopts a secret identity to protect himself.

I have to tell you that as much as I believe it’s just as easy to love a rich man as it is a poor one, I don’t really think I can marry a king. That’s just too much drama and pressure for me. Yes, I’m always rooting for Cinderella to end up with the Prince but I’m thinking that if I were Aro, I just might pick Moo Myung (too?). Or maybe this is just me exposing my Park Seo Joon bias.

Other characters are: Soo Ho (SHINee’s CHoi Minho), a playboy who in reality only loves one woman (SQUEE!); Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) a cold-blooded guy; Yeo Wool (Jo Yoon Woo) a pretty boy with a sharp tongue; and maknae, Han Sung (BTS’s V), a fun, friendly guy.

Here’s the subbed teaser:

And here’s the new teaser which takes on a lighter, more comedic tone:

LOL. Did she really scream after walking in on them in the shower? She does realize she walked into a shower, right?  Yeah, yeah, I’m sure there’s a good explanation for her surprise.

Hwarang was directed by Yun Seong Sik (The King’s Face) and written by Park Eun Young who appears to only have drama specials on her résumé.  It’s been fully pre-produced and will premiere on December 19th on KBS.

Credit: KBS, Uploader, Wiki

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  • Beez says:

    I totally agree about avoiding royalty. The whole murderous siblings and needing food tasters would be too exhausting.

    I usually avoid teasers but this surprised me. I thought this would be more historical but it looks more fusiion saeguk.

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