Final Romantic Stills Before “Goblin” Premiere (Gong Yoo & Kim Go Eun)

With a few hours left till its premiere, tvN has released some more stills to prepare us to fangirl.

It’s the romance of a centuries-old immortal goblin and the nineteen-year-old girl whose life has been anything but ordinary. He needs a human bride to end his immortality and she believes she’s that girl. Sounds creepy but I trust (hope) that it won’t be.

Are you guys ready?

Goblin premieres on December 2nd on tvN.

Credit: TopStarNews


  • ilchul says:

    the 1st episode is AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!! I want tomorrow to come soon!! but I can wait since I need subs!! 😀
    Gong Yoo is killing me!! welcomeback to the small screen Gong Yoo-ssi!! ^___^

  • Beez says:

    Yeah, I wish they’d made her age around 22 at least. I’m not somebody that gets overly concerned about couples with “large” age gaps, but considering 19 in Korea means western age 18, and sometimes can mean 17…

    I’ve always believed young people are just starting to figure out who they might want to be (personality- character- integrity- wise) at that age and need time to learn from small mistakes so they can avoid big ones in the future.

    But it’s Gong Woo so I’m watching no matter what. 🙂

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