“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Episode 7 Preview

I’m yet to see Episode 6 but Episode 5 was as delightful as the previous ones. I like that Joon Hyung isn’t quite aware of his feelings thereby allowing us to keep enjoying their cute interactions without any angst. But they can drag out her crush on hyung for only so long before the viewers get sick of it. Let’s hope they pull the plug at the right time.

It’s crazy that the club scene filmed this week has already been edited and is ready to air for next week. I’m constantly amazed that this industry manages to produce quality work in such short time frames. Anything close to live shooting freaks me out. I hope our actors are getting adequate rest.

That aside, I’m looking forward to these scenes and it looks like our Bok Joo will start to appreciate our Joon Hyung. Now, if only she’d get over her doctor-love.

Credit: MBC

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