“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Week 3 Thoughts (It’s Still Uber Cute!)

Episode 5 was about Joon Hyung learning her secret while Episode 6 was about Bok Joo learning his secret.

I thought he’d get mad and be jealous that she’s crushing on his hyung but it appears he isn’t even fully aware that he bugs her because he likes her romantically. So seeing her lie and do something silly like lose weight to be closer to his hyung was adorable to him and not infuriating. And I like that the anger we saw in the preview was due to her taking his place in the weightlifting match and ruining her team’s winning streak. Gosh, I’m not on her team but even I wanted to slap her silly.

But she shouldn’t have been allowed to participate – and I know they claimed it was because they were pressed for time – because if it’s a sport that weightlifters are ineligible to participate in, the swim team should have either produced a member of their team or forfeited. But it’s a drama so I’ll let it pass.

I think it’s funny that the people around them think they like each other (or she likes him more) but in reality, her brain is full of his brother while he’s slowly falling for her. Didn’t he call her pretty under the pretext of complimenting the view? SQUEE!

Speaking of which, we learned that his brother is really his cousin with whom he’s resided ever since his mom abandoned him to start a new family in Canada. I normally wouldn’t want to term this abandonment but when your sister-in-law(?) has to fake postcards from you to keep your son happy, you’ve absolutely abandoned him. I hope he’s on the road to recovery now that he’s shared this with his therapist. Hell, the fact that he didn’t get disqualified in that meet is already a step in the right direction.

The best part of this week’s episodes was Bok Joo making up for not wishing Joon Hyung well and giving him a cold. It meant we got to see them bond and the beginning of him really fall for her. Plus she made him a gift! Doesn’t she know it’ll make the guy think she likes him? Haha.

They say that a problem shared is a problem halved and that was the theme of Episode 6. Joon Hyung opened up to his therapist, opened up a little to Bok Joo and Bok Joo told her best friend, Nan Hee, all about her crush. And it was delightful. The sismance in this drama is just as wonderful as the romance. But is it just me or does the actress playing Nan Hee get animated like she’s in a stage play?

On the negative side, we also learned that Joon Hyung’s mean sunbae picks on him because he’s got a thing for Shi Ho. And she wants nothing to do with him. And as for Shi Ho, I tried not to be too hard on her because she’s having a tough time but she just had to be a bitch, didn’t she? Does she somehow think that going through Bok Joo’s things and exposing her double life as a weight loss patient will make Joon Hyung run into her arms? If anything, putting Bok Joo in peril will make him comfort her but the jealous bitch just wants to punish her. You might not realize this, Girlie, but she’s not the reason he doesn’t want you. And as far as I can see, she only desperately wants to return to him because he was the only good thing in her life. Well, you blew it, Sister, and it’s impossible to force him to love you again. Give it a rest. I also hope Bok Joo realizes that she’s behind their possession of her weight loss diary and stays away from her. She needs to be careful of her. This witch can poison her a day before a competition.

The thing about this weight loss/gain story line is that they are claiming that it’s easier to lose weight than to gain it. In what world? Those who experience this are the exception, not the rule. Hearing several people spout that fallacy made me wonder if it was because she needed to gain weight in a healthy way but nope. It’s just the old fashioned method of gaining weight by binge eating. But I think they’d have more success by having her drink milkshakes with her meals instead of force-feeding her three trays of food.

However, I felt her pain and anger at her coach and father for deciding her fate without consulting her. She’s not a minor so they should have spoken with her before her dad. It might be cultural but it surely didn’t feel fair and I’m glad that she expressed her disappointment.

Next week, we deal with the fallout from Shi Ho’s sneakiness and Joon Hyung will probably take her clubbing to cheer her up. I can’t wait.

That was supposed to be my closing screen cap but all I can do is grin at him waiting for a kiss from a girl with a cold. Have you forgotten you need to be healthy for your meet? 😀 Love him.


  • Elena says:

    I love how this show puts a smile on my face, it’s such a happy watch. Bok Ju and Joong Hyun are so cute I want to hug them both and cuddle them.
    Hope they keep doing a good job with the romance, I love when the leads fall in love slowly in front of our eyes, because later you can enjoy much more when they finally get together. And also the comedy here is gold: the splash scene, JH waiting for BJ to pass the cold with a kiss or Nan Hee copying her pigtails on Bok Ju…I was so amused during the whole episode. Such a cuteness overload. This drama is a gem. 😀

  • ilchul says:

    I’m waiting for Shi Ho to explode when she see how her stupide and evil act brought Joon Hyung and Bok Joo even closer to each other!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Jen_Cam says:

    Really enjoying this show. The Joon Hyung spit take when he sees Bok Joo getting out of his brother\’s car still has me laughing.

  • Gem says:

    I was willing to cut Shi Ho some slack but I don’t know how. I get where she is coming from. Lack of money, parents constantly bickering over her expenses, poor performance on top of that is hard to handle for an athlete like her. She just wants something to go back to the way they were, she can’t accept that she gave certain things up to gain nothing out of it. But that doesn’t justify her blowing up occasionally like entitled little brat and forcing herself on the lives of people who have enough problems of their own to deal with. Joon Hyung has abandonment issues yet she did exactly that to him and now she is forcing him to deal with it. Its not fair to Joon Hyung. Why must he remember bad memories just to appease her own selfish needs. Also, she has no right to meddle in Bok Joo’s personal life. I hope Bok Joo’s coach, her friends and Joon Hyung not only connects to Bok Joo over this but takes her to task for doing these shit behind her back. Its unethical as a human and as an athlete, what she had done. Somebody has to make her realize that.

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