Ji Chang Wook For Both Top Star News And December JLook

Star of the successful drama “The K2“, Ji Chang Wook spoke with Top Star News about not having much free time lately but we think that’s a good thing, right? When he does, he wants to have drinks with friends and maybe open a comic book store. Wait, WUT? (LOL) We think he’s amazing no matter what he chooses to do – movies, dramas or musicals. Check it out!

Top Star News –

JLook –

Source  |  Top Star News |  JLook


  • Su L. says:

    Very nice! Thank you. What an actor! Can’t wait to see his next drama.

  • martha says:

    How can he be so handsome in black and white? *fans self*

  • Teleri says:

    Oh, lord, he’s a geek – I’ve been smitten with him but that just seals the deal LOL LOVE those butterflies on that military sweater BTW 😀

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Thanks @Tessieroo chingu for the handsome pics of Ji Chang Wook. Now he’s the top of my fave actors list 🙂 and he will be always the best partner for YoonA. Love them as a couple very much and hope they will have another collaboration in the future when he returns from the Army…..that will be 2019.

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