“The Legend of the Blue Sea” Week Three Thoughts

I think we’re all familiar with dramas that seem written on the fly. There’s no continuity, nothing seems to have been foreshadowed, nothing makes sense and threads get dropped. After a while, we blame the live shooting system and wonder if the writer changed her script because she was too sensitive to netizens’ comments. This isn’t one of those dramas.

Not only is it carefully planned and well written, I think it might be a tad overwritten. You can tell that the writer carefully crafted the story because the Joseon story fits perfectly with the current Seoul story. And we can see how well the drama scenes are woven into Sim Chung’s current story. And we never have to wonder where Sim Chung gets a change of expensive clothes. Plus all the characters are playing double roles that make sense. It’s perfect but perhaps a bit too perfect. It’s such a weird criticism to have because it’s like I’m accusing the writer of doing her job too well but everything falls in place so perfectly that it becomes a little difficult to fully immerse myself in this world and forget I’m watching a drama. But this is a silly problem to have. An overwritten drama will always be better than a sloppy one.

That aside, this week advanced the romance between Sim Chung and Joon Jae with him being more concerned than he wants to and doing expected swoony Kdrama things like paying people to take the flyers she was handing out, keeping her warm and fed and also ensuring that she was comfortable at the hospital.

My only issue with their romance is that she says she loves him (and I’m not quite sure she fully grasps the concept) too early in the story. I would understand it a bit more if she remembered their past love but she doesn’t so it’s hard for me to feel anything when she says it. Other than that, I love the links between the past and present like being separated on the day of the first snowfall and his hand saving her.

Something I liked this week was the use of the grieving mother to educate Sim Chung on the downside of erasing memories. She might think it’s not a big deal because all she has to do is make Joon Jae fall for her again but the lady showed her why painful memories are better than none at all.

Her allusion that she won’t be around to see next year’s snowfall makes me wonder if there’s a time limit to how long she can be on land.

What’s the deal with Joon Jae’s stepbrother? I thought he was one of the good guys but the flashback revealed his duplicity and I’m now no longer sure. He seems like a sweetheart so I hope he’s not evil.

And what about Nam Doo? I wasn’t mad at him for his backdoor dealings with thirsty Si Ah but him getting Sim Chung’s medical records is a major red flag.

The saddest scene for me this week was when Joon Jae’s loyal friend died… twice. His first death sucked major balls when he fell off the cliff after protecting Sae Hwa but the second (presumed) one is much worse. He reincarnated as an “uncle” to Joon Jae and after supporting him in his childhood and being loyal to his father, the evil stepmom’s assassin is going to kill him right after he finds the bug. Ugh. Death would be too kind a punishment for that bastard (in both eras) who kills with less remorse than a pest exterminator. I really hate seeing his face.

Anyway, Sim Chung’s innocence fosters many funny scenes that I don’t mind that we have a lot of filler. I think my favorite scene this week was the epilogue with Joon Jae’s brother. I really loved the amusing way the drama scenes were used there. I never get tired of two characters hilariously crossing wires.

I’m not a big Lee Min Ho fan but I find him cuter than usual in this drama. I loved his imitation of a Korean-American (which was hilariously nothing like the real guy) with his flamboyant fur coat and random English. I was grinning the whole time.

This drama is simple, mindless fun for me and I can’t wait for more.

Till next week.

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