Eyebrow-Raising Stills Released For Upcoming JTBC Drama “Man to Man”

Guys, what’s going on here? Why is formal suited Park Hae Jin leading a pajama suited Park Sung Woong at a subway station? It’s a scene from upcoming JTBC drama Man-to-Man.

All I know about the drama so far is that it’s about a superstar actor and an intelligence agent who becomes his bodyguard. Kinda like Whitney and Kevin’s The Bodyguard sans make-out sessions? 

The released stills show Park Hae Jin’s character holding on to his client who’s fully dressed in nightwear; complete with neck pillow and flip-flops . What happened here? Did he sleepwalk somewhere? Did his girlfriend abruptly end their sleepover and kick him out? And why can’t he walk on his own? Is he drunk? Or is Park Hae Jin keeping him from running away? All will be revealed when this pre-produced drama airs in 2017.

Credit: Chicnews, Sedaily, JTBC


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