Hiramasa is a Moron and Other Thoughts (“We Married As A Job” Episode 7)

I finally got around to watching Episode 7 and goodness gracious, Hiramasa, you’re a moron!

The first moronic thing he did was look at the time and tell Mikuri that it was Wednesday. How is she supposed to feel when you act like your weekly hugging ritual is a chore? Screw you, Hiramasa!

The next moronic thing he did was try to dismiss their kiss at every turn during their text conversation. Bite me, Hiramasa-san!

The final moronic thing was rejecting her after their second kiss. Die already, dude!

(Numata’s reaction in this scene was hilarious. Like Bro, why do you care so much?)

If I were Mikuri, my heart would have turned cold and I would have given up on him the moment he tried to weasel out of the hug by pointing out that it was already past twelve. And then when she tried to talk to him about the kiss, she had to be the one to tell him that it was okay, and that it was a honeymoon while he kept bringing up their professional relationship. Yes, I get that it is professional but they are on hugging terms, right?

The difference between Mikuri and I is that she took his next Tuesday morning hug request (after they agreed to regard each other favorably) well. If it were me, I would have concluded that he wanted to get it out of the way to keep me from desperately waiting up for him. I suppose that’s the difference between being a cynical viewer and a fictional character in love.

Not that I hate Hiramasa. We know he’s not a bad guy and that he likes Mikuri. We know he was stressed out and racked with self-doubt after the kiss. We know that he spent days obsessing about getting a present for a month-old birthday. We know that he freaked out when he received her text and he’d scolded himself for crossing the line and conduct unbecoming of an employer. We know he’d stayed up late another night trying to figure out how to kiss her again. We saw him melt into a pile of goo after one of their cute exchanges. I saw this, and I know that his heart is in the right place but when they kissed the second time and he was so careful and nervous about touching her, all I could wonder was what their first time would be like. He’s so going to cry, isn’t he?

Poor Mikuri. Why did you have to meet the most inexperienced, insecure, timid 30+ year old man in the whole wide world?

And of course, after kissing her, and after hearing her give him permission to do it again, he rejects her! Honestly, if I were her, I’d think he had a medical condition or something. Actually, I hope he freaking has one because I can’t with him anymore.

Now, poor, humiliated Mikuri has run off to God-knows-where.

I hope Hiramasa dies a  pro-bachelor!!!

Well, not really because I would hate if these two didn’t end this drama in a fully functioning, healthy romantic relationship but he’s too insecure and wary for life!

Changing gears, one thing I liked was Mikuri expressing that she’s not given up on having a career outside of taking care of the home. I hope she figures out what she wants to do with her life.

The other characters are kind of spinning on their wheels, aren’t they? I feel like they don’t really have any substantial storylines/arcs these days. There’s the company thing that Numata overheard but I can’t say that I care that much.

Anyway, let’s see if Mikuri permanently moves away from this coward and what will change between them after this disaster.

Till next time.


  • I enjoyed reading this! I was spitting with every damn thing he did! Actually I was cursing but let’s keep it clean! Seriously, how many hints does Mikuri have to give the boy? Strip naked in his bed? Now, that rejection would be very inventive!

  • jo says:

    I don’t have the patience, I was like LEAVE HIM NOW!!!! Idk how he can’t see how she feels, he needs to stop. I like his awkward charm but REALLY????? Hopefully he grows after ep 8 because he learned a valuable lesson on ep 8

  • martha says:

    He’s a thirty year old man that has never had a girlfriend plus he’s herbivore so I think he’s probably in way over his poor little head. On the other hand I wanted to give him a good smack so…

  • martha says:

    I just finished episode 9 and he says to himself that he is ten years older than her. That would make him nearly forty! No wonder he’s so bad at being a boyfriend LOL

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