Goblin Update: “When Reaper Met Sunny” and Other Stills and BTS Photos

Who is Sunny and are she and Reaper destined to be together? There’s a school of thought that they are the king and queen but didn’t he essentially kill her to get to her relative(?) Kim Shin? I wouldn’t call that a love story written by the gods. As for a romance between the present day characters, it’ll be interesting to see the always grim Reaper be interested in the straight-shooting Sunny. I feel she could easily eat him for breakfast.

Also coming up is a scene of a bathrobed Kim Shin startled by something. What could it be?

It’s like he saw a mouse only to realize that it’s just a sock. Phew!

Here are some BTS photos to tide us till Friday. Who else can’t wait to see what’s next?

Credit: tvN, TopStarNews


  • martha says:

    I thought maybe he was the Goblins fellow soldier that stuck the sword in and Sunny is maybe the queen (his sister). I hope he’s not the king that would be a bit weird. LOL Maybe he’s not anybody from the past. I can’t wait to find out.

    • Gem says:

      It makes sense if he is the king. The Gods punished Shin for being a cruel, ruthless killer who is responsible for many deaths without giving a second thought to it. But he was following the Kings Order which means the King is perhaps equally guilty. To punish the king for all eternity to collect souls as a grimm reaper and follows the order of Gods just like Kim Shin did it while he was a mortal man. And seeing Sunny find the jade ring, Its entirely possible she is the Queen’s reincarnation.

  • Juliesean says:

    I’m digging the second otp more than the first. Though the bromance is the bet thing of all. I can get addicted to this.

  • KimSooJin says:

    omg I am so looking for this interesting couple

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