“Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” Beats Previous Ratings Record With 22.8% For Latest Episode

Another week means even higher ratings for Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim! It first broke 20% last week and even with a slight decline for the previous episode (21.7% to 20.4%), it’s managed to not only stay above that magic number, but beat its record by hitting 22.8% for its 10th episode.  I am yet to get back to it but I just might save it for the Christmas break.

While it’s soaring, its competitors aren’t doing so well. Night Light rose 0.7% to 5.4% and poor Sweet Stranger and Me dropped 0.7% to 3.4%. I’d expected the latter to get to the 10% range halfway through its run but its ratings have been steadily declining since Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim began airing. It’s sad because the drama is cute.

Credit: Herald


  • Teleri says:

    I’m watching both of them (Sweet Stranger & Romantic Doctor) – I like them both (neither holds a candle to either the Mermaid or the Goblin though LOL). I prefer Sweet Stranger, actually, because the medical nonsense is irritating (the insanity of how both hospitals are supposedly run).

  • Jane says:

    Insanity of how both hospitals are runned?
    Well, we have private hospitals that are materialistic. Isn’t this insane too?
    I like this drama regardless of its dramatic scenes. It reminds us of humanity, morals. And it takes courage to be different!

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