“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Episode 8 Preview

It’s about to be a girlfight! I know gymnasts are strong but is Shi Ho really trying to fight a weightlifter? Over a guy who doesn’t want her anymore?

It looks like our dear Bok Joo is going to tell her doctor that she won’t be coming to the clinic anymore. And then she’ll whine to Joon Hyung about wishing her love was reciprocated. Other fun things to look forward to are the ahjumma mistaking the OTP for a couple and whatever is happening on the roof.

Credit: MBC

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  • ilchul says:

    for the 1st time I feel like I want to thank Shi Ho for her pathetic action!! she’s helping my cutie OTP getting closer and CLOSER!!! 😉 hihihihihi

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