More Love-Hate Bromantic “Goblin” Stills

It’s shopping time! Based on these stills, our favorites are going grocery shopping together. And we all know that you can’t claim to be roomies if you haven’t fought over the brand of ice cream to stock in your shared fridge.

But what is happening in these pics? What’s with the intense looks? Are they in a fight or playing the “Of Course” game?

Some additional stills were released of our youngsters together. Is it okay to ship them?

Credit: tvN, TopStarNews


  • ilchul says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’ll never get enough of these two’s bickering!! LOL
    Deok Hwa and Eun Tak can be good friends but nothing more!!

  • Cidorta says:

    A have a question we know that Grim Reaper has lost his memory, did he drink the Tea? That death people drink to forget their lives, if he did was on purpose or when he was human? What about the shaman lady one of three sister which one is dead because we saw her talking to ET when she was asking the lady ghost about her been the goblin bride. Too many questions😁

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