“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Week 4 Thoughts

Episodes 7 and 8 were great! This drama puts a smile on my face every week. It’s not high concept so we’re not racing against the clock to save the world or anything like that but I’m enjoying following these lovely characters on their journeys through life.

I also love that we don’t have all these unrealistic secrets, lies and stupid misunderstandings.

Well, the one secret we had was revealed last week and this week, Kim Bok Joo had to face the consequences. Again, I can’t deal with them treating her like a minor. They should have called her – and not her dad –  when they found the diet book. I’m pissed that they keep going over her head and making decisions about her life without her input.

The worst thing of all was her coach abusing her as punishment. Yep, that’s abuse. Asking someone to do squats or run 20 laps is punishment but not necessarily abuse if it’s also part of their training. There’s no justification for hitting her with a stick and it was very frustrating to watch.

So I have to say that seeing this has colored my opinion of Coach Choi and I don’t care that much about her storyline. I suppose there’s a love line with Bok Joo’s uncle and she has feelings for her boss. But is he the guy she dated at 19?

One thing I find funny is that they keep acting like knocking off a bottle cap is difficult. Pretty much everyone at my middle school mastered that skill. It’s all about the angle.

The three musketeers will always be adorable as seen this week. It made sense for Seon Ok to feel slighted by not being in on the secret. The conflict was worth it because it was very cute when they made up by revealing their secrets. It’s true. As much as we love our friends, there are just some things we can’t help but hide from them. And all can be forgiven as long as the secret isn’t something hurtful like our friend is our husband’s mistress.

And speaking of friends, what’s up with the two doctors? The school doctor clearly has a thing for her dear friend but Jae Yi is holding back. Is he really uninterested in her romantically? Or does he refuse to cross the line because it means risking their friendship?


For starters, how insane is Shi Ho? This woman needs to be committed. She’s the only one without a loving support system, whose family life is in turmoil and all I can think is that if she were nicer, she could probably get Joon Hyung to come around and be a friend and find friendship with her roommate. But nope, she just has to be nasty. But I’m not too mad at her because hunger will do that to ya.

Who else wanted to punch her in the face when she snatched Bok Joo’s phone from her and got in her face because she was talking to “her man?” How entitled could one person be? But true to her character, Bok Joo stood up to her and pushed her off. Awesome!

And how refreshing was it that the bitch confessed to her crime? To both parties? I was expecting Joon Hyung to pull away from Bok Joo to protect her but there was absolutely no need to because she knew about it too. What a way to thwart the usual cliche!

But even if she hadn’t been told, Joon Hyung wasn’t going to stay away and he prepared to talk to her about it. See? There’s nothing better than open communication between the OTP.  A very lovely OTP that don’t run out of things to say to each other; going straight from talking about being cold to noses. And yes, I’ve watched that roof scene like 5 times already. My favorite part is how natural she was in his arms. In other dramas, she would have pushed him off the minute the housemistress left but she just stayed there like having his arms wrapped around her was nothing strange. SQUEE!

And how awesome is it that he’s the first person to call anytime she needs cheering up? I love that she took him up on his offer after he spent the entire night cheering her up. It makes sense. Why not fall back on a tried and tested cure?

My favorite thing about this is that we can watch them go on “dates” without the drama. It’s one of the reasons I prefer that a couple doesn’t get together till near the end because I think the romance is more enjoyable at this stage. When they aren’t yet sure of each other’s feelings so it’s not cheesy; when they are natural and not putting up a front; and when there’s a little bit of tension and yearning.

We saw how far he went to cheer her up and hide her true identity from his brother so I can’t wait to see more reciprocation from her. I know we saw it last week after he flopped at the swim meet but I need more.

Speaking of Joon Hyung’s issues, how amazing is it that he’s so open with his shrink? I suppose it’s because they don’t want to drag it out. On a side note, I find it hard to take his psychologist seriously. Not because of his role as the evil politician on W but because of his take as a frustrated acting coach on Fantastic. I think back to those scenes every time he’s on screen and laugh.

My heart totally broke watching the scene of Joon Hyung receiving a gift from his “mom.” I kept screaming at him to tell them that he knows and boy will it be heart-wrenching (in the best way) when he finally does. Their love for him is vast and unconditional and I bet there won’t be a dry eye in the house. I assume we’ll learn the truth about his mom and if she’s not dead, she’d better have a good explanation.

Next week means more OTP time. I can’t wait!


  • Marie says:

    That scene in the rooftop was magical, so much cute together, haha! Love the OTP and love how they are getting closer in a natural way, their physical and emotional proximity makes my heart flutter *-*
    Next week I want to see Bok Ju being more aware of him, and finding out about his mother. I want her to do something awesome to confort him, so Joong Hyun falls even harder for her. This couple is so adorable, I can’t wait for next episode!! 😀

  • ilchul says:

    I lovethis drama soooooooooo much and I keep waiting for the next episode the second it ends!! it brings all the smiles and laughters and even tears to my eyes!! yes I cried everytime Bok Joo was crying over her crush and when Joon Hyung realised that the gifts were actually from his aunt and when he kept the truth to himself again in episode 8!! watching him holding back his pain to not let his adobtive family realise it broke my heart!!
    I wanted to slap Shi Ho hard for her actions but Bok Joo gave her what she deserved and Joon Hyung leaving her to go on his “date” with Bok Joo and her seing them together bickering cutely was satisfying!! *evilsmile*

  • Erika says:

    I just love this drama. For all the cuteness. Can’t wait for next episode

  • sharreb says:

    just like you aptly pointed out- it’s awesome they dont take the usual cliche secrets or noble route. So refreshing.
    Love how our otp’s interaction, conversation and dates are all-so-natural, organic, comfortable and sweet. Its these kinds of romance we dont usually see in our drama. But these are the best kind in my nook.
    Thanks or your weekly thoughts

  • jen_cam says:

    Yup – still enjoying this show. It brings the cute without being over the top. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

  • Jackson says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and have been enjoying reading your commentary on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’ve been enjoying this drama immensely.

    I felt compelled to address the abuse by the Coach that you mentioned. I don’t want to make assumptions about your background or where you’re from, but perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Korean culture. To others (like Western cultures), yes the corporal punishment Coach Choi used is seen as abusive however this is quite prevalent in Korea. Bok-Joo failed to respect her coach, an elder and she was clearly warned beforehand that there would be physical discipline if she didn’t follow the rules. In Korea, especially with the older generations the respect of elders is of upmost importance and physical punishment by both parents and teachers are not uncommon, and this is not limited to only Korea. I can attest to this from my experience growing up in both South Korea and the United States. Of course I do NOT condone this behavior but I think the audience, your readers and you should understand that some cultures and their behaviors may differ from your own and while they may be imperfect, don’t be too hasty to judge without understanding why.

    Thanks for listening…now back to the fun and cuteness of Bok-Joo and Joon Hyung. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for these two.

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