“Goblin” Week 2 Thoughts: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

The comedy. That scene with Goblin having hangover soup was gold. From Deok Hwa picking an “empty” table that Grim Reaper was already sitting at. Everyone’s dramatic response to the twist in the drama. And then when Goblin finally remembered the previous night, Grim Reaper asking if it was his delayed reaction to the twist. 😀 😀 😀 . It totally killed me.

The love-hate bromance between our immortals continues to be a highlight. Their telepathy that confuses people is awesome. They are a listening ear or work together when necessary like when saving Eun Tak and also sending that man Goblin saved, yet continue to fight like siblings. That’s pretty much what they are becoming. Like stepsiblings who’ve been forced to live together, working through their differences to form a real bond. I’m really enjoying them.

Varied reactions to death. There was the overworked doctor who spent his last breath saving another’s life. And Goblin’s lawyer who spent his life repaying his kindness to the world. Both men died at different stages in their lives but took their deaths in stride. Then there’s Goblin. A man who’d lived over 900 years and had spent all that time searching for a way to end it. However, he freaked out when he was faced with the real possibility of dying. I found that quite interesting and realistic. Perhaps a part of him never really believed he’d find his bride so he never actually prepared for his death. Now, he has to face it like mortals do. Plus the value of his life has increased now that he realizes he can lose it.

I also enjoyed the magic. From the beautifully shot sequence of the car getting halved to the comedy that arose from Goblin erasing Eun Tak’s awful family’s memory. I also loved the ghosts helping Eun Tak out by framing her bully.

Deok Hwa – I just love this kid.

The Bad:

I know we’re only four episodes in but why are they being stingy with the Reaper/Sunny romance? There’s a lot of ground to cover from having them fall for each other in this life to whatever their past lives might have been but it’s moving at a snail’s pace. I loved the sequence of him seeing her in every woman and that they both went back to the bridge. But dude, you have her number – use it!

We need to know why he cried when he saw the ring. The show wants us to think he’s the king by dropping hints here and there but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a twist. Goblin believes that if the king had been reincarnated, he’d be the age of the iKon dude but he could be wrong because I doubt he’s accounting for the possibility he’s immortal. But maybe instead of being the king, there was a Sir Lancelot in the palace. Hahaha. I’m overthinking it. The female deity warned that there are rough times ahead for these two and that surely would be the case if they are the king and queen in an ill-fated romance.

Something I found interesting is that he’s one of several grim reapers, therefore, not as special as I originally thought.

The Ugly:

The OTP. Why are we expected to root for an ahjussi falling for a teenager? She looks like a teenager, wears a school uniform, carries a backpack and acts like a spoiled brat.

Call me crazy but why is she so demanding of the goblin? She wouldn’t have ever taken a single breath if he hadn’t intervened and saved her mother. He helped get rid of her awful relatives, led her in the direction of a chicken restaurant when she needed a job and shows up when she blows out a candle. But because she’s feeling lonely in the beautiful suite she’s got, she throws a tantrum and loses her mind because he’s a meanie avoiding her. Like WTF, girl?

Then as if that aspect of her personality wasn’t annoying enough, they’ve got her doing tons of aegyo and behaving like a child in their scenes that I don’t understand how we’re supposed to root for this romance. Is our only motivation that she sees the sword? Yes, he’s opening up to her blah blah blah but why make it uncomfortable for some of us? I bet I’d see more chemistry if they’d aged her up a bit.

Because he’s having heart eyes and falling in love as he watches her skipping around while dressed as a schoolgirl. Their scenes are not made for a romance but a friendship that ends with her hooking him up with one of her unnies.

I’m just hoping that Grim Reaper did in fact compel her to see the sword (it unknowingly worked) and that when she attempts to pull it, nothing happens because she’s not really the Goblin’s Bride. Or she’s lying or something. Yep, I’m grasping at straws here but I think I really need a time jump to enjoy this. I need to get to a point where her talking about having babies with Goblin isn’t icky.

With that aside, I liked the scene of him creating the sword out of the water and him bragging about being rich when he was drunk. I guess that side of him will never change.

Till next week.


  • Drama_Panda says:

    Its sad that the romance is what makes it all so icky.
    Cos otherwise,I’m enjoying this and GY is just 😍😍😍
    All I’m praying for now is a time jump. Please hear my pleas DramaGods

  • bmore says:

    are we in 2016 or 2008? I’m going to rewatch all 4 tonight and tomorrow and recheck that. Cause if we are in 2016, no time jump.

    I’m not creeped out by the age thing at all. she’s 19 going on 20 and old for her age. She has led a pretty rough life, which makes a kid grow up fast. He’s sorta 30 something going on 900 something. He’s locked away his feelings for hundreds of years. I see her aegyo as a compensation thing…she’s covering something…just like the sword thing, but I think there is more. She definitely seems to feel the need to keep a barrier between them and I see her behavior as too ‘purposeful’ in her words and actions. I also see joy overflowing in a person who has had none in her life…and kinda that for him too. And I totally trust this author to have a reason for what she is doing and am willing to wait and see where this is going. We have a lot of time yet. And these 2 have barely started a relationship…and it is based on a Fate they have been told is where their lives were leading to. So right now they are just dealing with that and the shock of meeting something that neither of them ever expected. We are getting that story in bits and pieces too. So….I’m not making any judgements…just watching and waiting for all of the story to unfold. I think the ride is going to be amazing based on what we have so far.

    I’m totally missing the connection of current characters to old ones(king and …was she a queen? or the king’s sister? or who was she. did they ever say?) . This could perhaps be due to subs? Or my total lack of intuitiveness! I am watching on DramaFever and their subs have gone WAY downhill this past year. They make up tons of stuff and leave out tons of stuff. Very frustrating. So I’m going to watch the other subbed version tonight and tomorrow and watch very carefully to see if there are answers to some of these questions and ideas that people are talking about. Because it’s obvious I’m missing something!!! 😛

    • bmore says:

      He calls Kim So-Hyon’s character Your Highness and she is designated Queen in the character lists, so that answers my question about that. However, the King says if he takes one more step he will kill everyone in his family and when he does take that step the king says “This is treason. Kill everyone in his family.” The Queen is immediately shot. So the Queen is related to him…sister? cousin? And yeah…no time jump so that’s a big bummer. She is born in 1998.

  • Waewae says:

    yea why are they so stingy with GR and Sunny romance
    the main couple take up to much screentime and their scenes are boring and repetitive
    episode 4 is draggy. a lot of boring parts

  • asdf says:

    Yes to everything you said about the OTP. Shin ends episode 4 reading the poem about love being like gravity that draws you in, but nope, not when she’s running towards you in a school uniform and a backpack. For me it’s not quite squicky as much as it is a lack of chemistry. Maybe it’s KGE, because I didn’t buy her romance with PHJ in CIT either, but there were a lot of other factors going on in that drama.

    She’s just trying too hard with this character, though i give her credit for doing a different spin on the Candy archetype. She is a great actress and is very thoughtful about her approach, I can see that, unfortunately, it’s coming across as a caricature and I don’t buy that it’s ET’s front for her hard life. I just can’t take her seriously and i don’t connect with her. Both Shin and ET have these dramatic mood swings but I find Shin more grounded in pathos because we’ve been given more story of his tragic background, his actions makes sense to me while ET is just stereotype Candy background and has these inconsistent reactions. Wailing and aegoying, loving her life and hating life, stoked about her suite then sad to be lonely (when she’s always been lonely – see awful aunt and cousins). I’m sorry to be harsh, my brain is just confused for loving so many of elements of this show but then indifferent at other points. So far I need to see more from ET and proof she is worthy of being the Goblin’s bride and the panacea to Shin’s sword-size scars.

    Praying for that time jump.

  • goodange says:

    Hahaha. I agree, clock! LOL. I enjoy the drama a lot, but my only gripe with it is “The Ugly” (or uglies) that you pointed out. I don’t want to be reminded that she’s in high school and he’s an uncle—an ahjussi.

    LOL. I actually found her to have more chemistry with Duk Hwa, and as cool as Sunny is, I was finding myself thinking, “What if Goblin and Reaper fell in love with each other?” LOL. Hahah.

    I can get on without Goblin and Eun Tak being in love. I’d just rather have them have love in the sense that they’ve found a family in each other rather than a romantic partner.

  • juliesean says:

    What if Goblin’s bride is Reaper? That will be hilarious!!!!

    I’m not sure why everyone is griping about the age gap. He’s 939 years old and it’s gonna be icy no matter what age she is. I think most people are not comfortable that she’s still in high school, effectively 18 years of age (international). There are so many young moms at that age so I don’t think it’s that crazy. I would have pulled a nerve if she’s 16 in the drama.

    The writing on Eun Tak is giving everyone a whiplash. But she’s 18, which is the age of rebellion and teen angst, considering she does have an angsty childhood, and still do. So her chirpiness and aeygo seems forced? Which is meant to be that way because it’s a cover for her pain cos she tries to see the silver lining in her very dark cloud. Perhaps the writer penned her that age because she wanted a foil to Goblin’s dark and painful pass cos someone in her 20s may not be as effective. Jeez….sounds like Lolita complex. LOL

    Anyway, it’s only episode 4, let’s give it a chance.

  • momo says:

    Agree with you about the OTP. There is no chemistry between them.

    What is worse, she is little bit annoying to me. I dont like time jumps, but now I hope for one. Hope she will grow more mature meanwhile.

  • jijiji says:

    Finally! Someone shares my opinion on this episode which was boring. Thank you, Couch Kimchi for pointing out all my thought.
    To make this show more interesting they should develope Grim Reaper/Sunny romance asap otherwise people will become bored. Soon bromance will be not enogh to entertain and people will realize that it’s another cliche drama with shining hero male lead, coming to pick up poor Cinderella schoolgirl in his shining Mazeratti.
    I have read various comments and those who’re not into main leads romance think that they’re keeping us away from Reaper/Sunny to get audience to love main couple.
    they definately know that if they introduce Grim Reaper/Sunny story to early they will steal the show. And first of all writer and PDs should sell the leading storyline of 900+ years ahjossi and schoolgirl.
    I will give a try it few episodes more. If they will not give proper developement for secondary couple, I will drop the show and watch only after all show will air. Like I did with DOTS when leading couple was nothing but clishe boring duo and all I have enjoyed was secondary couple moments.
    Even amazing bromance and jokes can’t save the situation here is they will continue to show long boring scenes of main leads together.

    • Koran says:

      Agree word to word. Second leads chemistry is sizzling and they will be the show-stealers. Not at all interested in watching. There is a lot of scope for development in the Grim Reaper’s role other than bromance like when he regains his memory, his relationship with sunny, goblin & ET. Hope the writer does justice

  • darkn3ss says:

    I agree with the romance part, although I’m not truly creeped out, I’m just simply not invested in their romance. I want them to develop the Bromance more. To be true I do not care for any of the romance, I would like it if it was just bromance, friendship and whatnot. My theory about Grim reaper is that he is the queen and Sunny is the king now that would be a worthy twist :D.

  • gabobobobo says:

    A lot adore this show, so I thought maybe I was not trying hard enough to love it. I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one who can’t seem to fully it.
    I’m not bothered by the age different for the same reason that JulianSean pointed. I’m also not bothered by Eun Tak’s candy character and the actress’ potrayal. I think she’s cute. However, I am not convinced with their romance. It just feels… anemic, or bland to me.

    I’m more interested with Reaper-Sunny storyline, right now.

  • Hae says:

    It’s still on episode 4 a lot more twist and plots to come. “Patience is a virtue.” But can’t wait to see what happens next on ep 5. >w< Loving this drama!

  • Queen says:

    Couch-kimchi, thanks for this article. Exactly my thoughts!!
    How about more of Grim Reaper- Sunny romance. Their visuals are awesome plus their story is very interesting & mysterious when compared to the main OTP. Till now it was the Bromance which was the main attraction. The writer should concentrate more on the second lead couple, bromance, fantasy & mystery than the main OTP. The story just didn’t seem to move forward in the 4th episode

  • Kpop Lovers says:

    I love Goblin Drama.

  • Matikiri says:

    the best drama, the best ost, the best artist

  • Nargiza says:

    It was really confusing in the end, how did they meet? Why? Did she not die? Really confusing

  • GQMp3 says:

    Waoh.. I love Korean Dramas

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