“The Legend of the Blue Sea” Week Four Thoughts

I don’t really have much to say this week other than Jo Jung Suk’s cameo was great. He showed up to evoke hwashin (jealousy) in Joon Jae but he was more impactful as an ally for Sim Chung. I get it was a bit of stunt casting to tie back to his last role in Jealousy Incarnate but story-wise, I wish he’d stayed longer. If they couldn’t get Jo Jung Suk, a lesser known actor could have been used as a character that would stay the rest of the series. But then again, perhaps he wouldn’t have been able to capture the magic.

Of course, it’s all mumbo-jumbo drama magic but is the heart unhealthy if you’re unaware that your love is reciprocated? Because while the merman’s lover left him, it appeared that she still loved him. So why did he still die?

We learned that Joon Jae’s shady hyung got him into the business after scamming him. I hope he isn’t blinded by their relationship and stays alert while dealing with him. Because the guy is still shady. I feel he’ll learn the truth about Sim Chung then blackmail her or something.

I read that the guy who plays teen Joon Jae is an idol. I like that he’s taking on small roles but I hope to see him as a major supporting character soon. I feel like he can have a Seo In Guk-type career.

Why does Joon Jae remember his past life? Why is the present mirroring the past? When they are both 27? I’m sure it will be revealed soon but I am intrigued.

We learned that the bracelet was Dam Ryung’s originally so in a way, it’s been returned to the original owner. What is its significance in the present-day story?

They keep teasing us with Joon Jae and his mom that I think it’s time they reveal the truth behind her disappearance. I bet it’s related to the evil witch his dad is married to.

And no, I still don’t trust her son. I continue to hope he turns out to be the good guy he portrays himself to be but I remain suspicious. Is he going to use the information from his dad assistant’s phone for good? Or will he bury it?

While I think the romance is pretty cute but ordinary, I like that he tells her he plans on liking her to get her to stay. LOL. That wouldn’t normally make sense but in this drama with a woman extremely naive of this world, it does. And is his first true confession about how he feels about her.

But does this mean that he can no longer threaten to kick her out of his house?

Till next week.

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