A Few Words On “We Married As A Job” Episodes 8 & 9

They are officially over the hump. *does happy dance*

But that means that I can’t rant about anything because it’s all been resolved. Drats.

It’s a contract marriage/work relationship so it makes sense that they speak very carefully to each other but I can’t help but laugh at their interactions.

The story can finally move forward because they did the one thing they should have done a lot time ago  – speak! But, of course, Mikuri had to be the one to lead the conversation by screaming into the pillow. Gatta keep it in character.

But I will commend Hiramasa for his part. For somewhat standing up to Kazami at the restaurant; for understanding his words; for getting his ass to her parents’ place; for confronting her after he overheard her curse at him (haha); and finally, for the wrist grab.

Yes, guys,  I am cheering a wrist grab because this is one of those few times it was necessary. He needed to reach out, touch and stop her from getting away.

But it’s hilarious that Mikuri thought he was seeing another woman. This is a man whose self esteem is so low that he thinks he’s worth nothing and believes no woman would like him. Normally, one feels this way after rejection upon rejection but methinks that this dude has never asked a girl out!

Thank God they are finally on the same page. The amazing power of communication.

Anyway, after she gave him the all clear, he asked her to spend the night. What’s he going to do? For real. Can he do anything? Haha. I give him no credit but perhaps I should ease up on him, after all, he initiated both kisses.

Are Yuri and Kazami finally getting somewhere? If this were a Korean drama, it would be a resounding yes. But when it comes to Japanese dramas, it’s anyone’s guess because they love to tease love lines that go nowhere.

Numata’s busy bodying earned him a seat with the big boys where he got to choose who gets laid off. Like, in what world? And also, how is it legal to survey your employees in order to fire them based on their savings? In what freaking world? I know nothing about Japanese labor laws but if I were one of their employees, I’d connect the dots and sue them halfway to Mars.

Anyway, next week promises us OTP cuteness and Hiramasa’s job loss. Now he needs to marry someone just to pay Mikuri! Any volunteers?

Till next time.

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  • choco says:

    i didnt know u like jdrama too..this dorama has high rating in japan..this tuesday will be last episode,,im curious bout what mikuri do if hiramasa be jobless..hahahaha

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