Actors Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra are Allegedly Dating [Now Confirmed]

Wait, what?

The latest news all over the internet is that Hyun Bin (34) and Kang So Ra (26) are dating and that they met in October but have only been dating for about two weeks.

What the eff-ing hell? Why break the news of a forthnight-long relationship? Can such a brand, spanking new relationship withstand the media pressure and scrutiny that’s sure to follow?

Unless it is some crazy whirlwind thing and they plan to get married tomorrow, a part of me wishes they deny it because they need more time away from the prying public eye to nurture their relationship.

*We await a confirmation.

I wish them all the luck.

And Kang So Ra, I bet at least a million women are currently jealous of you. You lucky *****. And same for Hyun Bin, I am sure.

*And just like that, they’ve confirmed it. I wish them well and hope they have a happy relationship.

Credit: Soompi,, MyDaily, The whole freaking internet.


  • Cidorta says:

    I feel the same if is true I wish the news had not aired because any realtionship in the early stages needs time to grow but now people will be keeping and eye on them and is going to be hard, I like both of them, i wish all the best to both of them.

  • shoshlev says:

    She’s cute, but I think it is not at the level of beauty and nobility of Kim Sun Ah he liked, I do not understand why they did not go out on a date together because they both loved each other and I still think that they have feelings for each other is really a shame.

  • Mil says:

    Well they have confirmed. Good for them. We don’t even know them so let’s trust that they chose the best person for themselves

  • tessieroo says:

    So cute, I’m so happy for them! 😀

    • thenewstandby says:

      Me too Tessieroo! I didn’t know I liked this pairing until I saw it. She is gorgeous but in a normal way, talented and she seems mature (good head on her shoulders). I think he’s ready to settle down and he picked someone who fits. I totally support this!

  • Star says:

    Now I am waiting for my man Gong Yoo to announce his dating relationship. And also So Ji-sub. Its time for them.

  • rose says:

    its so sad….

  • oppatamvan says:


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