Goblin: Cute BTS for the Reaper/Sunny Fans + Beautiful Still

It’s hard to ship a couple that has barely sailed but that won’t stop us from enjoying some BTS, right? In fact, it’ll make us anticipate their scenes because their behind-the-scenes interactions are so cute.

This scene was in Episode 4’s preview but somehow didn’t make it into the final edit. I hope we get to see it in the future.

Credit: Uploader, Soompi


  • ilchul says:

    I think it wasn’t aired because episode 4 was only 1 houre instead of 1+ houre as it used to be in the first 3 episodes!!

  • julisean says:

    u mean they met each other on the bridge? but this wasn’t shown? Let’s hope it happens in the next episode. I’m starved from more interactions from this second otp.

  • jijiji says:

    I think the last minute editing of episode 4 has sucked and they haven’t managed to mix scenes in a proper way and postponed their bridge meeting and cafe talk to episode 5. At least I’m prainig for it, because I want my otp finaly be sailed. Both Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are seems to be cool inside and outside and love their interactions on press conference, photoshoot and bts. All is here to ship them on-screen. Just give it to us faster.

  • daintydandelion says:

    I really hope we get to see that scene in tomorrow’s episode! I’m already shipping them even though they’ve barely sailed cos they have great chemistry both onscreen and in BTS videos! Can’t wait to see their storyline unfold!

  • Meme says:

    LDW & Yoo In Na are looking so damn compatible on screen & off screen. I seriously don’t understand why are they so stingy in giving their scenes. It’s already ep 6

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