More Adorable “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Stills

Guys, we are less than 12 hours away from a new episode! Could a couple be any cuter? Don’t they look so happy at the beach. Date already!


But seriously, I wonder what excuse they’ll come up with for sending these two on this lovely “date.” I can’t wait!

Credit: MBC


  • Samina says:

    Spaz! These two make me swoon, grin, giggle, smile and spaz!!

    While Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin are good, it this little underdog which has stolen my heart. Its the highlight if my week and I haven’t anticipated sand waited for a new episodes live watching since You From Another Star.

    Nam Joo Hyuk is killing it this time. I love that it has turned the second lead trope in its head. Usually the girl falls in love with the main lead and stays that way for the rest of the drama while the second lead pines away. This time it feels like the secondlead is finally getting a chance. Well the ‘ second lead ‘ is really the first lead in this case.

    P.S I thought I was the only one counting the hours to a new episode!

  • Elena says:

    Another one here counting the hours till next episode. I am an addict. The interactions of these two are so adorable, I want to adopt them both. And I am enjoying too much this pre-dating phase watching them falling slowly for each other. I can’t wait to see what happens during the “date” and in the park bench!! 😀
    PD. While I am happy watching them hanging out together and Joong Hyun being such a sweetheart, I am looking forward to see how Bok Ju cares more and more about him and starts doing things actively and taking care of him too. They are going to be so cute when they finally fall in love, awww *-*

  • Dal says:

    These two are so cute that i giggle and never skip their episode. The emotions n the interaction are so natural n realistic. I love them so much. Bokju definitely succeed in defining the raw emotion of a first love/crush. And the friends, the fights, dufus joohyuk are just amazing. Last ep crying scene by boku make my tears welling too. Definitely my no.1 drama for wed-thurs slot. I keep telling n recommending this drama to everyone to share the fun.

  • MC says:

    Spoilers*- normally I would be upset that all these Hand holding clips and pictures we saw of them on the beach weren’t in the actual episode…. But Ummm….. I’m totally happy that it’s mostly all BTS…lol I’m not exactly sure what that means. Do I like that the actors had to hold hands and stuff? Yup absolutely!! These two are SO FRACKING cute. I can just watch LSK and NJH interact or do photo shoots all the time… Oh boy….i’ll stop ✋

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