“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Episode 10 Preview

Guys, it seems Bok Joo is still crying over Jae Yi. Move on already! At this rate, we won’t get anything from Bok Joo till the final episode.

Joon Hyung is mad at his brother for unintentionally hurting Bok Joo and upset with her for pulling a disappearing act and worrying him to death.

Writer, Joon Hyung has much bigger problems than an unrequited love so we need to see Bok Joo worrying about him over that, okay? Please end this arc ASAP so that we can move on. Argh. There are only 16 episodes, you know?

Credit: MBC


  • tessieroo says:

    OHMAGAWD, this is so frustrating. O___O

  • MC says:

    I don’t even think JH is aware or realizes his romantic feelings for BJ…this IS gonna be one of this long frustrating hauls…at least it seems to be heading in that direction where it’s gonna take all 16 episodes…sigh, hope I’m wrong because the writers are missing out on utilizing some great on-screen chemistry and potentially extremely cute scenes….

  • Elena says:

    I know, we need to see some action on Bok Ju’s side, she needs to move on from her crush. I guess I can take one or two more episodes of cute no-dates, but I am getting impatient to see some feelings development already. I do not want them to leave everything for the final episode!!

  • Ct says:

    Haven’t watched the episode but I echo the sentiment here. I’m growing more and more anxious that this would have open ending, as in Bok Ju realises she has some feelings for him, the two smiling at each other and credits roll. I agree that the writer should put an end to this crush and focus on them helping each other become better soon.i want to see them officially a couple. That’d be damn cute!

    • MC says:

      OMGAH, please don’t let it be like that BUT if absolutely nothing happens tomorrow…well, I’m inclined to believe that is what’s going to happen and what a nightmare it’d be, sigh………and I echo what I said above, what a waste of the leads’ chemistry!

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