It’s Healing Time! Watch Ji Chang Wook Kick Butt in “7 First Kisses” Episode 4

I read somewhere that Ji Chang Wook is tired of playing action roles like in Healer and The K2. 😀 But I think there are worse things to be typecast as.

Sorry, Wookie, you’re gonna have to do it again for Lotte Duty Free’s CF Drama.

Credit: Naver, Lotte Duty Free


  • ilchul says:

    it’s swooning time!! swoooooooooooooon
    it’s a good thing if he can have roles with less action scenes because they are tooooo exhausting but I still want him to keep on taking action roles, even not on the raw, because he’s a great action actor!!

  • Teleri says:

    OMG – just let me die right now :d Adored this lots 😀 He’s totally channeling Healer & his latest (K2) here & I love it!

  • Table122000 says:

    Love how she’s a retired agent in this episode and she kicks butt! Ji Chang Wook is great here.

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