“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Week 5 Thoughts: Poor Hyung

Before I get into it, all I have to say is we got two entertaining episodes as always. I can’t believe that I’m at Episode 10 and not yet bored. Hahaha.


So yeah, poor Hyung. That’s all I kept thinking while watching Episode 10. Can someone please tell me what crime he committed?

All he did was help a girl in the rain. Fine, he shielded her with this umbrella which from countless dramas is apparently the most romantic move in the world that’s guaranteed to make women fall in love. Hyung (or Oppa, I guess), you should have known better and just let her catch pneumonia. Bad Hyung! You deserve a thousand lashes!

Honestly. Joon Hyung lashes out at the poor guy for hurting Bok Joo when as far as I can see, all she did was hurt herself.

He finds out that a patient he likes lied to him. Instead of getting annoyed, he chooses to cheer her on. It’s not his fault she’s got self-esteem issues and believes he can’t ever like her. He didn’t cheer her on to hurt her. He cheered her on because that’s what a nice person does. If anything, it says that he isn’t upset about her lies and supports her as she is.

Then Joon Hyung (who needs to resolve his feelings for Bok Joo) attacks him, pointing out that a female weightlifter wouldn’t want someone she likes to see her at her best as an athlete. Yep, standing there with your face all messed up, winning a competition is the absolute best a weightlifter can look. It’s her shining moment. But she turns it into a negative and in turn, Joon Hyung rebukes his cousin like it’s common, reasonable knowledge. NO! Also, all her sunbaes who don’t let their boyfriends attend their competitions are all wrong too. It’s bullshit logic.

Now, poor Hyung thinks he made a mistake and apologizes to Bok Joo who is so depressed at this point that she can twist a $100 million lottery win negatively, gets even more upset causing, Joon Hyung to rush back to his cousin and yell at him for being too nice. Eff you, Joon Hyung.

Poor Hyung. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, If you yelled at him for breaking your things, someone could have said it was because he wasn’t your real brother (although he’s still a blood relative but whatever). But you not yelling at him for breaking your things still gets you accused of treating him like he isn’t your real brother. What a screwed up world.

This is exactly why people need to take responsibility for their own feelings. And stop ascribing feelings to others.

Bok Joo is ashamed of what she considers a lack of femininity but she never gave Jae Yi a chance. I’m not saying he would have been in love with her but she never let him see the real her and condemned him for feelings he never expressed. When did he ever show that he couldn’t be attracted to a woman whose veins popped when she lifted weights? I can’t imagine that their weight loss procedures were particularly elegant. It was extremely unfair to him and she made herself miserable.

The same can be said about Joon Hyung. While she unwittingly cut him off by mentioning seagulls when he was about to tell her he had no issues with female weightlifters, she’s already labelled him as not being crazy enough to be interested in her (as she mentioned to his ex).

It’s a defense mechanism. She rejects these men before they reject her and then any proof that they aren’t interested in her validates her behavior. It’s pretty much a self-fulfilled prophecy.

Unfortunately, Jae Yi can’t unhear what Joon Hyung said but he also showed that this “niceness” is inherent in him. That’s just who he is. Getting mad at Joon Hyung would be an act and not his true feelings. And I loved the drama for showing that.

But the theme of being too nice being detrimental was driven home with Coach Choi’s arc when she crossed the line to save her student. I expect her to be  back and wonder how they will pull that off.

This happens and Bok Joo falls even deeper into her funk.

She’s obviously depressed and I feel like we need to delve into the root of her problems (and that loneliness induced by an unrequited love and loss of her coach won’t be it). Why does she always jump to the worst conclusion? Like Joon Hyung asked her, why does she stubbornly misinterpret his actions and refuse to see what they mean?  But with only six episodes left and given that Joon Hyung’s trauma as well as what’s going on with Shi Ho are yet to be resolved, I don’t expect much. However, I will clap for 24 hours straight if this crush is used to heal a wound we’re currently unaware of.

One good thing that came out of Joon Hyung’s outburst at his cousin is that Jae Yi has planted a seed in him. Now he will reexamine his feelings and figure out why Bok Joo has become special to him. It was cute that he failed miserably at being indifferent to her.

The past few episodes have had Joon Hyung be the rock that Bok Joo needs and I pray that she gets out of the funk real quick so that it can become more balanced. I love that he’s opened up and revealed his past to her but it was used as a way to comfort Bok Joo. We need more moments that are purely about comforting Joon Hyung.

I remember watching All About Eve and praying for a man like Jang Dong Gun’s Yoon Hyung Chul. I’ve always thought him as the quintessential k-drama male lead  – patient, thoughtful and loving  – but now I hope that my teenage self in a parallel universe meets a man like Joon Hyung.

While I enjoyed that this week gave us lots of OTP scenes (and how hilarious was it that he rolled her home in a shopping cart?), I missed seeing Bok Joo with her girls. Please give us more of that next week.

I’ve always been indifferent to the likely coupling of Ah Young and Jae Yi but I really disliked her this week. While she may have been under the wrong impression that Bok Joo was into Joon Hyung, it was very insensitive of her to openly speak about her crush. They sacrificed her character (and Jae Yi’s) in Episode 9 to push Bok Joo into depression.

Anyway, sometimes, one needs to hit rock bottom to bounce back so I hope Bok Joo’s journey of rediscovery not only clarifies the importance of weightlifting in her life, but also shows her who she really loves. And she’d better open her eyes wide because her uncle has already started picking out baby names.

Till next week.


  • Gem says:

    I don’t think Joon Hyung was wrong here. His older brothers motives were right but approach was wrong. That is what happened here.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I don’t see anything wrong whatsoever with him going to cheer her on. Nothing wrong with his approach at all. And Joon Hyung yelled at him for that.

      Going to apologize later on I can see where he’s arguably wrong (but I also understand because Joon Hyung made it sound like he’d committed a crime).

  • JustPassingBy says:

    Not trying to be rude (I swears!) but because the comment section gives readers the option to say their side, I’ll say it – I think you’re quite immature, have lack of insights and don’t quite understand the real world outside the fictional romance world almost every drama has.

    This drama obviously is more on the realistic aspect of falling in love, growing up, getting your heart broken and finding yourself. Firstly, depression doesn’t need “root”. It can start anywhere and anytime. Because what might be a big deal to us is very minor to some. And what could be a no brainer for some means the world to others. Bok-ju has all these internal feelings – getting her heart broken, having her coach and almost mother figure apparently abandoning her, being embarrassed and humiliated hundred times over – those are very legitimate reasons for a young girl to feel depressed. Not everyone needs a background story for them to justify the fact that they are insecure. I am too, and so are millions. Not everyone has a deep reason – its personality. It’s how a person differs from one another.

    As for “poor Hyung” – yes of course it’s not his fault. But it’s also a life lesson for him that sometimes, being less considerate makes family feel closer and more loved. Showing more passion means that you care. And if you care, the person you love feels more special.

    Joon-hyung knows Jae-yi doesn’t mean anything when he’s being so nice – they guy admitted very readily too. But sometimes we need to focus on the results and not just the intent.

    I think you expect everyone in the drama to be perfect people. For Bok-ju to give everyone a chance instead of feeling regular human emotions or for Joon-hyung to just suck it up and take responsibilities for his own feelings. For Bok-ju, it’s a part of growing up. Simple as that. For Joon-hyung, it’s finally opening up to his insecurities which will help him out of his trauma and create a much better family dynamic where he might feel like an outsider despite all the love he gets. They are supposed to be humans. Of course they aren’t perfect. If they were, this drama wouldn’t be so worth it.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Comments are welcome and please go ahead and leave them.

      The only thing I take issue with is your comment that I expect them to be perfect. That is not so. I love flawed characters and my criticism of their behavior doesn’t negate that. In fact, at the end of this article, I mentioned that Joon Hyung is one of my favorite male leads.

      And as for Bok Joo, I love that we’re seeing more of her struggles (something I mentioned wanting more of in a previous review). And while there might not be more to her story, I don’t exactly see what’s wrong with wanting that there is.

  • kx says:

    Hello, I’m bending my rules for this show again and will de-lurk for a moment.

    While I felt bad for Jae Yi in this episode, I also understood Bok Joo and Joon Hyung’s POV and why they went off like they did so I didn’t feel as frustrated as I thought that you felt from the tone of your post. It’s not reasonable or logical, BJ and JH’s actions following the development and revelation of Bok Joo’s lies + insecurities, but it’s real and so humanely relatable – so much that rather than feeling frustration I felt sad to see the culmination of such deep rooted insecurities of both BJ and JH. BJ’s shame stems from so much in her environment – from the taunts of the RG girls + petty men from the restaurant in an earlier episode to her seniors feeling shame to invite their bf’s to competitions which in turn might have also affected her thoughts about femininity and weightlifting. In a way I agree with your insight about BJ’s defense mechanism – which I feel is also a real thing (and Ah Young especially has this even more badly than BJ when it comes to JY), so again I took it in stride. For JH, he even apologized for viewing JY’s kindness of an older brother the way he did and additionally apologized later for being sensitive – which I was glad that he has the ability to take a step back away from his feelings and notice. Though for the moment being burdened by intense emotions he saw a parallel between BJ’s situation to his own and perhaps needed the extra push from BJ’s problem to finally communicate with JY about his feelings – though it came out as a fiery outburst. I’m glad JH did what he did because despite the brothers-cousins’ obvious love for each other, JH have been obviously holding back for many years which made his insecurities about his own position in the household even bigger.

    I’m sure everyone knows JY did the right thing being so kind to a stranger (BJ) in the rain and no one faulted him for anything he did that time or afterwards until his cluelessness really got under JH’s skin.

    I guess I was upset about the tone I got off from your post and the harshness towards JH and BJ.

    I don’t think episode 9 sacrificed Ah Young or Jae Yi’s character to move the plot forward or push BJ into her depression. I didn’t feel frustrated towards Ah Young for what she did at the restaurant tbh because she was just being herself – it was sigh-inducing but the drama so far had been building her up as an extremely nosy person and it turned sour at that point. Every time Ah Young’s with Shi Ho, for example, she’s always prying and asking about boys – as if Shi Ho being an athlete can only be stressed about boys when I thought the obvious conclusion that a sports doctor would reach was that her student is stressed about her athletic career. Jae Yi too has been built up to be this perfectly charming, too kind character whose attentiveness to everyone, even strangers in the rain, can be mistaken as interest. I mean, I always thought he was being just too kind and never mistook his kindness towards BJ as him having an interest in her – rather, that he would do the same for almost anyone. Episode 9 and even episode 10 therefore showed us the cons to their defining qualities when in previous episodes it was all merits (eg Ah Young’s prying nature made her the only person who would actually listen to Shi Ho’s problem vs making BJ uncomfortable + Jae Yi’s charmingly kindness vs cluelessness and making the people around him feel distant). There’s a good and bad to everything.

    Apologies for the essay.

    Thanks for your posts + thoughts about WF. I love reading them.

  • silentspring says:

    Can’t wait for next week!!! This drama is too peck, too much stories that we want to see and all stories are really interesting but in simply way. I’m crying on end on 10th episode, i just can feel what Bok Joo feel, she just can’t hold everything, something about blow up from her chest and Joon Hyung naturally just hug her comfortly… i love their relationship, eventhough they’re not ending to be couple i just love how their friendship.

  • Elena says:

    The only bad thing that Hyung did was to speak with Bok Ju about what happened, but I am glad that the brothers are ok again. Hyung is a victim here, as it is Bok Ju and Joong Hyun. All of them have made mistakes, but very human mistakes, like having a crush and following your heart, or speaking too much while trying to protect someone you love, or being a bit blinded about other’s feelings while you try to be nice to them.
    I can’t wait to see next week how JH and BK keep supporting themselves and healing their wounds. I’m among the ones who think that JH has been oblivious to his feelings, because he simply knows that he likes her and wants to share his time with her, so far he has not thought of BJ in a romantic way. It is so obvious for us though, haha! The way he was trying to make her smile in episode 10, isn’t this the universal sign that you are 100% taken, when you can’t stop thinking about how to make that person smile? 😀
    But now that uncle has blessed the couple and Hyung is pointing out how special BJ is for him, I expect him to have a moment of realization soon (please writers, let us witness that part 😀 ). Same goes for Bok Ju, I expect that now that Hyung is out of the way, spending her time with Joong Hyun will make her heart flutter at some point 😉
    I do not mind the romance to progress slowly, since I am enjoying the evolution of their relationship a lot. The only thing I was missing this week is to see how Bok Ju takes care of Joong Hyun too, since now the relationship seems a bit unbalanced. But since Bok Ju is now depressed and needs some time to resurface as a stronger person, I wonder when we will get to this part. Let’s see what happens next, I can’t wait till Wednesday 🙂

  • Kayohs says:

    Hyung’s crime was he was too nice? :p

    If there were more people like Hyung around its still a better world.

  • Jillian says:

    I personally have no issue with JY and his kindness. He means well and may have gone overboard since he felt bad. These episodes was also a learning experience and shows growth on his character and the relationship between the brothers/cousins.

    The main issue with Bokjoo and JoonHyung are their insecurities. I just want them to realize of the graet thimgs they have going for them and not just the perceived negatives.
    Positives: Bokjoo has found her passion in life and she is working hard to achieve it. Most people wouldnt even be aware of their passion/purpose. Next, she has an amazing set of friends and family who are fully supportive of her (cant say the same for ShiHo) and her dreams. Third, such an amazing bestie in JH who cares for her and wants whats best for her and think she is amazing. And amazing coaches who helps her achieve her goals. Personally, I think Bokjoo is amazing. As for JH, he has an amazing aunt and uncle who treat him like their own, an older brother who cares for him and lets him get away with things, a bf in TaeKwon who would almost do anything for him. PLUS he also found and living up his passion.
    I so dearly want them to grow past their insecurities and heal those wounds. I just want my BJ and JH to be happy so much.

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